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During summers, people love going for a picnic and swimming just for fun. But, it all turns into a nightmare when you start getting sunburns.

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays may damage your skin and cause health conditions called sunburn. Even artificial sources of UV light, like tanning beds, can also get you sunburns.

With 11 minutes of exposure, you can start noticing its signs. Your skin color will soon change to red and it will continue to develop the condition for the next few days. In fact, the condition might take a few days or a week to heal the skin based on the severity of your sunburn.

Mild sunburns can be taken care of at home, but the severe ones require immediate medical attention. Another point one must keep in mind is regular sunburn conditions can lead to premature skin wrinkling and skin cancer in the coming time. Hence, take proper precautions and prevent yourself from sunburns.

What Leads To Sunburns?

When a person is under excessive exposure to UV radiation, chances are high that he can develop sunburn. Basically, UV radiation overpowers the melanin present in the body for skin protection. Light skin color people can develop this health condition within 15 minutes of UV exposure. However, people with dusky skin tones develop fewer sunburns and can tolerate sun exposure for hours.

Conditions that may lead you to develop Sunburn:

  • Too much exposure to sun lamps
  • Lupus is a specific health problem that can make you more prone to sunburns
  • Doxycycline medicine
  • Sun rays are strongest from 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Young children and infants can develop sunburns faster.

Types and Signs of Sunburn:

Depending on the severity of skin damage, we have classified the sunburn health condition into three sections:

First-degree sunburn: Generally, when occurs on the outermost layer of the skin and heals with time. Symptoms include:

  • Fever and Headache
  • Skin Redness
  • Tight Skin and Hot to touch
  • Skin Blisters
  • Swelling
  • Tender and Painful Skin
  • Nausea
  • Skin Peeling

Second-degree sunburn: This is a bit severe condition as the UV rays damage the inner layer of skin. You may start noticing blisters on your skin. The only solution for second-degree sunburn is to go for medical treatment. Also, it may take weeks to heal and get things normal. Symptoms include:

  • Excessive Red Skin
  • Skin becomes wet
  • Pain at the site of the burn
  • Blisters and Swelling
  • White spot at the site of the burn

With the second degree, you may also suffer heat illness that includes:

  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea  
  • Exhaustion 
  • Fever and Headache
  • Fast breathing and Confusion
  • Muscle cramps

Third-degree sunburn: The condition is rare, but if occurs, it may cause severe damage to all skin layers as well as destroy your nerves. It is recommended to go for emergency medical care and treatment. Symptoms include:

  • Skin Numbness
  • Heatstroke 
  • Dull or white colored skin
  • The site of the burn appears leathery

Recommended Home Remedies for Sunburn

We have made up a list of remedies that can help heal sunburned skin at home. However, these are for minor sunburns. In case, you are suffering from second or third-degree sunburns, we recommend taking professional help and treatment by visiting a nearby healthcare center.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated As Much As You Can

Drink a lot of water and keep the body hydrated, especially during the summers or when dealing with sunburn. Sunburn has the ability to draw water from the body and make you feel dehydrated. Hence, it is best to drink excessive water in case of sunburn and prevent dehydration.

2. Apply Moisturizer To Your Skin

Most people think it is just a beauty tip, but my dear friend, moisturizer also helps soothe your skin. If you have developed sunburn, apply a good moisturizer to the affected area as it contains aloe vera or soy that cools down the skin surface. It will also help boost your skin’s moisture content. Another tip for sunburn people is do not apply butter, petroleum jelly, or other oil-based product to the affected area, you may block your skin pores and it may also cause infection.

3. Cool Baths or Shower Often

If you frequently take Cool Baths or Shower, you may feel more relaxed and the affected area may seem less painful. Do not rub your skin with the towel after the bath, instead pat it dry or leave some water on the skin. Use moisturizer immediately after the bath to retain the skin moisture.

4. Protect Your Skin At All Times

Another important thing one must do is to protect the skin with clothes made of tightly woven fabrics to protect from sunburns. Even if you have developed sunburns, use such clothes to protect them as it helps heal. Most people question why to wear a tightly woven fabric. Well! Such clothes do not allow light to pass through and protect from damage. You can also try wearing loose cotton clothes.

5. Apply Aloe Vera to the Skin

Aloe Vera’s skin healing properties help relieve sunburns. The natural ingredient is good for the skin, heals blisters, eliminates itching, and adds a soothing sensation to the skin. It is rich in vitamins B and C and can be applied directly to the affected area to heal faster.

6. Black Tea

Black Tea is common in Indian homes and kitchens. It is a good remedy for sunburns and can be applied directly to the affected area. Black tea carries certain compounds that help eliminate heat from the affected area and aid in repairing skin damage. It also helps prevent cancer.

7. Green Tea

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties present in Green tea protect you from adverse reactions on the skin caused by UV exposure. It not only reduces the reactions but also the skin redness and damage caused due to sunburns. Apply the remedy directly to the skin to relieve damages.

8. Tea Tree Oil

Another popular ingredient found in sunscreen products and good for skin protection. It improves the blood flow to the skin’s blood vessels and heals the damage caused due to sunburn. The essential nutrients present in the Tea Tree Oil help manage sunburns. Before using it, dilute it with carrier oils like olive, almond, and castor. Do not use pure tea tree oil directly on the skin, just make sure to dilute it before application.

When to Consult a Doctor for Medical Help?

If you notice any of the listed signs mentioned below, visit a nearby doctor for medical attention and treatment.

  • Chills and Fever
  • Rapid breathing
  • Sunken eyes
  • High pulse rate
  • Dizziness 
  • Chills and fever 
  • Nausea  
  • Irritating and Painful blisters  
  • No urine output but extreme thirst  


Sunburn occurs due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The damage depends on the severity of sunburn and may take days or weeks to heal completely. If you are regularly getting sunburned, you may increase the risk of skin cancer. Hence, it is best to visit a professional for medical help or try our above-listed home remedies for Sunburns.

Practice some of the above-listed at-home remedies to get relief from sunburns and reduce their symptoms. A first-degree sunburn might not take much time to heal. However, the other two types may take time and require you to contact your healthcare provider for timely treatment.

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