Natural Home Remedies For Good Sleep

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night? Do you often wake up feeling all cranky? Well! We all have been through the same feeling some time or the other in our lives. Crankiness occurs mostly when you do not get enough sleep. I completely understand the reason behind you visiting this blog.

 If you are looking for different ways through which you can improve your sleep quality, then this blog is definitely for you. On average, an adult must get a seven hour uninterrupted good quality sleep on a daily basis. Quality and Duration of Sleep both are important for your health. If you are not getting proper sleep, you are making yourself more prone to diseases and illness.

 We understand with so much of pressure and competition around you, there are days when you might feel it hard to relax your mind and sleep on time. But, no matter how hard it sounds, sleeping on time is essential for a healthy lifestyle. You can also get in touch with a healthcare provider near you for counseling and diagnosis.

Meanwhile, follow our below-listed tips to improve your sleep quality.

What Leads To Poor Sleep?

There can be factors that can affect your sleep quality or routine. Some of the causes of poor quality sleep are:

  • Excessive Stress
  • Heartburn
  • Pain
  • Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, or other sleeping disorders
  • Too much intake of tea, coffee, or soda
  • A few medicines
  • Drugs or Alcohol

Signs of A Poor-Quality Sleep

If you are unable to get proper sleep, it is a clear sign of some sleep disorder. It can also adversely affect your mind and health, immunity, and nervous system, and increase the risk of heart problems. Poor quality sleep can also:

  • Make it hard for you to concentrate
  • Reduce the focus at work
  • Difficulty in memorizing
  • Make you feel more tired or lethargic

If the issue lasts for a short time, there is nothing to worry about. But, if you regularly find it hard to fall asleep, you are suffering from a certain sleep disorder. Signs of sleep disorder are:

  • Regular loud snoring
  • Gasping during the sleep
  • Find it hard to fall asleep
  • Find it hard to move after waking up
  • Waking up too tired
  • Feeling sleepy all day
  • Difficult to concentrate at work
  • Crawly feeling in arms and legs 

Natural Home Remedies for Good Sleep

For some, it might be difficult to express their feelings and stay up all night to find out a solution to their problem. People do not realize that excessive stress is creating a bad impact on their health. So, here we have listed a few remedies that will keep your mind calm and increase your chances of falling asleep on time. Continue reading and follow the below-listed at-home remedies to improve your sleep quality.

1. Drink Warm Milk Before Going to the Bed

You do not have to go anywhere out to try this remedy. Just boil a half cup of mild and drink it right before going to bed to improve your sleep quality. Milk helps promote good sleep and is great for health.

2. Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is an herbal drink that is good for sleep, reducing the severity of menstrual cramps, treating diabetes, and many other benefits. It contains flavonoids that interact with specific receptors in the brain and help promote sleep. If you drink warm chamomile tea regularly, you may start noticing improvement in your health as well as it will help you sleep better.

3. Add Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another popular ingredient that one can find in Indian kitchens. Mostly used as a spice for better health in different foods and dishes. You can also add the cinnamon powder to a glass of warm milk to induce sleep. For better taste, add some honey to it and drink it before going to the bed.

4. Indian Ginseng or Ashwagandha

Indian ginseng, also known as ashwagandha is a medical herb that comprises various valuable properties and is great for health. It can reduce insomnia sleeping disorder if you take it regularly before going to the bed. Add it to the milk with some sugar for a better taste.

5. Liquorice or Mulethi

Liquorice, also known as Mulethi, offers various health benefits. It is one of the potent medicinal ingredients that can help deal with insomnia. All you need to do is add the mulethi powder to the warm milk and drink it right before sleep for quality sleep.

6. Eat Almonds

Do you know almonds contain high doses of melatonin that help improve sleep and regulate the waking cycle? Well! Yes, they are really valuable to the health and brain. The nutrients present in the almond create a calming and soothing effect on the mind as well as promote muscle relaxation and induce sleep. Crush the almonds in the powdered form and add them to the milk or eat it directly before sleep for better results.

7. Create a Sleeping Pattern

Try not to disturb your sleeping cycle. Make it a habit to go to sleep on time and take proper rest for a healthy tomorrow. Once you develop a sleeping cycle, the quality of your sleep will automatically improve. Also, you will timely wake up, feel less tired, and go to bed every day at about the same time.

8. Reduce Your Screen Time

Most teenagers and even the corporate people have made it a habit to watch screens late at night before sleep. Do you know that excessive exposure to computer screens or mobile can disrupt your sleep. Hence, it is advised to limit your screen time, especially after going to the bed. Avoid looking at the phone when you lie on the bed or if feeling awake.

9. Try A Few Yoga Exercises or Relaxation Techniques Before Bed

Make time for yourself to relax every day. Avoid thinking about the coming tomorrow and your problems. In order to resolve a problem, you need to calm your mind. The only way to do so is to practice relaxation techniques. Do some yoga exercises that are great for good sleep. You can also join online yoga sessions to improve your sleeping habit. Find a way that helps keep your mind calm. Make sure to refrain yourself from using devices during this period, or it will distract you.

10. Avoid Taking a Nap During the Day

Most of you would have noticed that if you sleep in the daytime, it becomes difficult to fall asleep at night. So, limit your duration and take a maximum of a half hour of sleep if you feel so restless. But, avoid taking nap for too long or you will not be able to develop a sleeping cycle.

Apart from the above-listed natural home remedies, we have listed a few more things that you can follow to improve sleeping habits: 

  • Stop taking sleeping pills 
  • Do not look at the clock when you are in the bed 
  • Stop the intake of caffeinated drinks, alcohol, or cigarettes before going to the bed

You can find many studies that clearly state that natural herbs and remedies are great at improving quality sleep. Though, experts are working to establish the true extent of each herb and its impact on human health, but till then take each herb with caution and not as a substitute.

When is the Right Time to go for a Medical Help?

Visit your nearby doctor, in case:

Find it difficult to sleep and are too tired throughout the day.

By visiting a doctor, you will be able to diagnose and manage sleep disorders at an early stage. If the sleep problems do not get resolved with home remedies and affect your daily functioning, do not wait for long. Consult a doctor immediately and get some advice.


Having a seven hour daily sleep is essential for any adult. If you want to stay healthy and fit, visit a doctor to diagnose the sleep disorder or practice our above-listed at-home remedies for good sleep.

A busy life can increase stress and delay quality sleep. But, with our tips and tricks, you can make your way through the darkness and get proper sleep. For example, if you limit your screen time, or drink herbs as stated above, you are in a way turning into adopting good habits. Herbs like liquorice, chamomile, cinnamon, or Indian ginseng work great with milk before sleep.

However, if the remedies do not work for you and you still feel cranky all day, check out your nearby healthcare provider. You might be suffering from a sleeping disorder and a timely diagnosis and treatment can improve your condition.

For more tips and natural home remedies, follow us or subscribe to our newsletter. Also, share the topics you want us to cover in detail. Our team will look into the topic and will come up with quick home remedies for the suggested health condition or disorder as well. Till then, subscribe to our newsletters for quick updates.

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