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Diet Therapy in Naturopathy promotes and encourages natural food, i.e. the food must be consumed essentially in natural form. Naturopathy emphasizes more on the consumption of raw food as compared to cooked food. Naturopathy food carries alkaline elements in a natural form that if consumed may have a remedial value to cure the disease and nourish the consciousness. Practitioners also state in order to remain healthy your body must consist of 20% acidic, i.e. cooked food and 80% alkaline food items, i.e. uncooked food. 

Diet Therapy for Kidney Disease

Diet Therapy - आहार चिकित्सा - Aahaar Chikitsa
Diet Therapy - आहार चिकित्सा - Aahaar Chikitsa

Types of Diet Therapy

Diet Therapy helps eliminate and cleanse the body, revitalize it and improve the health. To understand better and follow the diet plan simply read through. 

Eliminative Diet

The root cause of most diseases is the morbid matter that gets accumulated in our digestive system. To eliminate these diseases NDs recommend the consumption of specific food items that activate your organs such as kidneys and intestines to eliminate toxins. Thus, an eliminative diet in Naturopathy medicine encourages detoxification of the body and removes toxins by following cleansing diet plans including consumption of food items like lemon water, citric juices, various alkaline juices like wheat grass juice, gooseberry juice and ash gourd juice, tender coconut water, etc. This form of diet was designed to help carry out or eliminate metabolic toxins from the body.

Note: If you have been recommended to follow an eliminative diet plan avoid carrying out any physical activity as it is much like Fasting Therapy. One can go in for lighter activities like Yoga.

Soothing Diet

After cleansing the body, doctors recommend a soothing diet to revitalize the digestive system and assimilate the consumption of regular and healthy food. Soothing Diet process involves Fruits, Salads, Boiled/Steamed Vegetables, Sprouts, Vegetable soups, Wheatgrass juices, beetroot juices, etc. This form of diet therapy helps to soothe the gastrointestinal tract.

Constructive Diet

The final phase in the naturopathy diet is referred to as a Constructive Diet that includes wholesome flour, unpolished rice, little pulses, sprouts, Curd, etc that can help in increasing immunity and improving health. Under this, doctors recommend conducting a raw diet. Raw Diet is low in calories but high in nutritive value such as nuts, raw vegetables, pulse, sprouted whole grain cereals, fresh and dry fruits, etc.

Proper diet and consumption of natural food not only helps in the prevention of disease but also the promotion of positive health. Thus, this therapy recognizes food as medicine.

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Naturopathy believes that a patient’s body has an innate capacity to heal itself with the consumption of proper diet and necessary nutrients. When you work with a naturopath they’ll look after the assessment report and help customize your diet in each phase such that you gain lasting results. Apart from advising you on diet plan NDs also guide you on food items that you need to stay away from like tobacco, tea, and coffee, processed and canned food and so on.

There are certain additional practical suggestions referred by NDs regarding Food to improve the functioning of your entire body.

To carry out a proper health and diet plan it is essential you are reaching the right person. Book your appointments if you are looking for an authorized dietitian or nutritionist in India or USA. Mail on [email protected] for the best Diet Therapy sessions in Naturopathy.
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