Heliotherapy (सूर्य चिकित्सा)​ – Surya Chikitsa

Heliotherapy is one of the highly effective treatment modalities for certain skin conditions, disease or other dysfunctions. Heliotherapy is practiced by exposing the body to natural sunlight or to distinct wavelengths of light making use of special lamps for a specified time limit. It is a form of phototherapy.

Sunlight has many benefits to the body as it can help stimulate the body’s production of vitamin D, clear up skin conditions like psoriasis, maintain the efficiency of the human eye, decreases the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and much more. 

Sun rays and varying intensities in the solar spectrum heat up, soothe, calm and clarify the human body. The ultraviolet rays(UV rays) have advantageous effects in small measures.

  • Short wavelength UVB and longer wavelength UVA provoke the generation of Vitamin D plus other chemicals that guard skin cells.
  • The UV radiation is anti-inflammatory, immune-suppressing, and anti-proliferative.
Heliotherapy - सूर्य चिकित्सा– Surya chikitsa

What Skin Conditions respond to Heliotherapy (Surya/Agni Chikitsa)?

Heliotherapy also referred to as Surya/Agni Chikitsa in naturopathic medicine can aid certain skin conditions and disorders

Lupus - Tuberculosis of the skin

Heliotherapy – seldom called phototherapy – turned out to be an essential part of certain treatment regimes for tuberculosis, notably tuberculosis of the bones, joints as well as skin (prolonged exposure to sunlight can kill the bacteria causing the disease). Due to the unavailability of sunlight all the time, artificial options like Finsen lamp were developed to mirror the Sun’s profitable effects. Its greatest achievement was in the treatment of lupus tuberculosis of the skin.

Acne vulgaris

Heliotherapy has proved effective in treating acne vulgaris & detoxification of the body.


Though heliotherapy has shown improvement in the condition of the intensity and severity of psoriasis patients, it seldom clears it totally on the contrary in some cases sun exposure worsens the condition.

Atopic dermatitis/Eczema

Heliotherapy might show betterment in Atopic dermatitis/ Eczema but there stand chances that sunlight can result in photo aggravated Eczema.


Skin conditions like Vitiligo too have been legendarily treated with sunlight.

What are the Advantages of Heliotherapy?

Heliotherapy advantages comprise:

• Heliotherapy is universally accessible though it depends on weather/climate.
• Heliotherapy is supportive, particularly in regions where phototherapy is rare.

What are the Limitations of Heliotherapy?

Limitations of heliotherapy comprise:

• Heliotherapy might result in side effects such as sunburn, the chance of reaction due to photosensitivity, as well as long-term skin aging & skin cancer.

• The amount of UV in sunlight relies on a no. of variable factors (latitude, time, seasonal variation, etc.) thus the dose cannot be fixed.

• Exposure time for every individual might differ depending on their skin phototype, it’s the reaction to photosensitivity, the condition being treated, etc.


Undue exposure to the sun should be avoided. Heliotherapy might not suit photosensitive individuals. Note that the sun is a class 1 carcinogen.

• Undertake exposures at the same time/s of the day, each day.
• Continue the prescribed treatment (monitor with your dermatologist).
• Continue routine use of emollient (moisturizer that softens skin.

The white sunlight is a mixture of 7 colors-Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red. When we talk about the healing factor to be the sun rays, let us not ignore the different colors in the solar spectrum & discuss their importance too.

How do colors affect us?

• Encouraging & thoughtful paintings are eg. that color is the language of the soul

• Colors have an impact on our mood and emotions.

• They have an impact on our sense of well-being or uneasiness.

• Using and shunning certain colors throws light on our personality.

• Colors influence our way of perception.

• Colors are symbolic & immediately acknowledged by our sub consciousness. Though all colors do not mean the same to every person and every culture.

• They control the flow and amount of energy in our bodies.

• Colors convey biological attraction and sexual availability.

No doubt we can say that color plays a major role in treating a person physically, mentally as well as emotionally. For example, colored gems used by different individuals make an impact differently. The idea is to secure the best results with color therapy for which we have some tools such as-

• colored water bottles
• colored therapy glasses
• ultrasonic light

This form of naturopathy therapy is highly effective and helps in the process of recovery. Though, it is always recommended to follow guidelines for the treatment to work well. If you are looking for a naturopath doctor to guide over heliotherapy or Surya/Agni Chikitsa book your session now.

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