Foods that Boost the Immune System

Bacteria, viruses, and toxins can frequently attack our system if we have a low immune system. Having a strong immune system is essential as it fights and helps remove foreign bodies and malignant cells from the bod. Thus, keeping a person healthy. Can a person build-up a strong immune system at home? Definitely yes! Visit our local grocery store and add these powerful elements to your meals. Follow a naturopathy diet plan to boost the immune system.

1. Blueberries

These are tasty little fruits that are a rich source of flavonoids (antioxidants that lessen cell damage). Besides being a rich source of Vitamin A & C, dietary fiber, potassium, and many more minerals, these immunity boosters also support heart health. The fiber content present in blueberries plays a crucial role in supporting heart health by alleviating the cholesterol in the blood. The flavonoids are also known to lessen the chances of upper respiratory tract infection. The antioxidant properties boost a person’s immune system and benefit your brain function by delaying mental decline.

2. Dark Chocolate

Theobromine (an antioxidant) is highly beneficial as this immunity booster keeps you safe from free radicals. On getting in contact with certain pollutants or even while breaking down the food, our body releases molecules (free radicals) that might harm the body cells. Thus, playing a role in the worsening of the disease.

Dark Chocolates have cocoa that can strengthen the defenses of our immune system. These are loved by many and have several beneficial aspects such as increases “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins, help in reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, can lower blood pressure, and more. Though, the intake needs to be monitored due to its richness in saturated fat as well as calorie content.

3. Turmeric

It is an essential ingredient found in every Indian kitchen and is well known for its medicinal properties too. Curcumin (a compound in turmeric) helps reduce inflammation and fight against harm caused by viruses. This compound overpowers the muscle damage caused due to exercising as well as grants the turmeric its vibrant color. It’s antiviral properties aid in lessening the replication of viral infection.

The antioxidant properties found in the element can help treat conditions such as arthritis, cancer, chickenpox, urinary tract infections, and inflammatory bowel diseases. It is also extensively used in medicinal and cosmetic products.

4. Oily fish

Oily Fish

Being a good source of protein and omega-3s, Oily fish is associated with an umpty number of health benefits covering a lower risk of dementia and cancer. Trout, salmon, cod, sardines, and tuna are some examples of oily fish. 

Good sources of Vitamin A & B, they assist in the smooth the functioning of the immune system. The omega-3 fatty acids in these fishes reduce inflammation as well as the risk of heart disease. It also protects you against rheumatoid arthritis. A lesser amount of neuroinflammation and neuronal deaths is observed in people consuming fish oil. Its consumption also acts as a protector against mouth and skin cancer. Furthermore, it shows a remarkable effect on a child’s development when consumed in pregnancy. Also, such children are less likely to show signs of asthma at an early age. Consumption of oily fish not only improves memory, but it is also known to prevent loss of vision.

5. Broccoli

A rich source of Vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, zinc, iron, and magnesium, Broccoli is a boon for the immune system. This powerhouse of nutrients is also rich in fiber. It is highly beneficial and can be eaten cooked or raw. Moreover, it is rich in antioxidants (molecules that neutralize cell damage caused by free radicals) and supports healthy cells and tissues in our body. Broccoli reveals to be preventative against certain cancers though a lot more research is still required.

Its antioxidant and fiber content support in controlling blood sugar, thus making it advantageous for diabetic patients too. Broccoli supports heart health as it can reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL) as well as improve good cholesterol (HDL). Moreover, antioxidants reduce the overall risk of a heart attack. 

Being rich in fiber, Broccoli supports and makes bowel movement easier. It also takes care of digestive health by promoting healthy gut bacteria due to the antioxidants present in it. Furthermore, it is known to slow down the aging process due to its key bioactive compound Sulforaphane but, a lot more research is needed to understand the functioning. 

Broccoli also comprises of Vitamin C that boosts immunity. Being a good source of calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin K, it also supports maintaining strong, healthy bones. Folate (B9) is beneficial for fetal development, and thus Broccoli (rich in Vitamin B) owes the credit once again. The bioactive compounds of Broccoli act as a protective shield against Ultraviolet radiation damage leading to cancer. Despite all the health benefits, this food alone is not sufficient. Following a diet therapy can help achieve better results.

6. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Beta carotene and Vitamin A enriched antioxidants of sweet potato help your immune system battle disease and infection. They are highly beneficial for your reproductive system as well as organs like heart and kidney. Its fiber content helps show improved signs of mood and memory. Moreover, just a single sweet potato has the efficiency of providing 400% of Vitamin A required per day. 

Boiled sweet potatoes are low on the glycemic index (GI), further helping in controlling blood sugar. By lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL), this superfood also lessens the risk of heart trouble. Its richness in beta carotene and Vitamin A lowers the risk of developing Macular degeneration (an eye disease which is a cause of vision loss). Out of the various varieties (orange, white & purple) of sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes can restrict the growth of fat cells, thus helping in losing weight. Anthocyanins and other antioxidants in sweet potatoes protect against certain cancers.

7. Spinach

It is super low in calories but packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Moreover, it is rich in proteins and fiber. Also, its high dose of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E makes this superfood a big booster for the immune system. Its antioxidants (Lutein and Zeaxanthin) help in improving vision as well as protect the eyes from sun damage.

Its anti-inflammatory properties benefit in cleaning the skin, and thus applying this as a mask can work wonders. It also strengthens the bones reducing the risk of fractures and degeneration. 

Being rich in fiber, it helps clean the digestive tract by making bowel movements smoother and also promotes the absorption of nutrients by the body. Spinach has a lot of Vitamin C, folate, and other nutrients that benefit cardiovascular health. Spinach is good for weight loss for people as it will help in being low on fats and carbs. Spinach is good for hair because it is a rich source of iron, Vitamin A, and folate. These prevent hair fall & nourish the hair follicles. Also, Vitamin C in spinach adds shine to your hair.

8. Ginger


A common ingredient but a highly beneficial one, ginger is known to boost immunity since ages. Its antibacterial property prevents nausea as well as soothes the stomach. It contains gingerol (a phenolic anti-inflammatory compound) that relaxes the blood vessels. Apart from improving digestion and metabolism, ginger is part of ayurvedic medicines to improve the quality of hair and skin. This easy to consume natural element has antioxidants that can be added to tea, soups, curries, or sauces to reap its benefits.

9. Garlic


Garlic works wonders as an immunity booster also adds flavor to food. Its richness in calcium, potassium, and several sulfuric compounds makes it strong enough to fight bacteria and infection. Moreover, it tends to lower BP and cholesterol as well as destroys the parasites in our body. It can be eaten raw or cooked with gravies, but the most amazingly beneficial effects show up when taken raw as heat and water meddle with the sulfur enzymes inactivating them.

The stinky smell of garlic is due to its sulfur content, but it is this sulfur in garlic that helps in the absorption of zinc (another immunity booster). Garlic boosts your T- cells that fight against viruses reducing the severity of cold and flu. Furthermore, it acts as a stress buster affecting your adrenal glands, resulting in lesser production of stress hormones as well as alleviating the level of fatigue.

10. Green tea

Green Tea

The endogenous (produced by the body itself) antioxidants are not sufficient to deal with free radicals. Thus, rises a need for exogenous antioxidants. Green tea has the highest concentration of polyphenols. Polyphenols and flavonoids (disease-fighting antioxidants) in green tea not only protect against free radicals but also help in their destruction. Moreover, they also facilitate the immune-boosting properties of Green tea. They reduce the risk of cancer by slowing down the oxidative damage process (transformation of normal cells to tumor cells due to oxidative stress) in our body. 

Green tea is beneficial for coronary heart disease patients as it encourages the proper working of endothelial cells. Thus, preventing the clogging of arteries as well as promoting fat oxidation. Further, preventing obesity. Green tea intake also speeds up your recovery rate. Green tea metabolites reach the skin tissue fluids forming a protective shield against UV rays. Also, its anti-inflammatory effect slows the aging process. 

Furthermore, its antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. It is also known to improve brain function. Thus, lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease in old age.

Adding these natural elements to your kitchen can be a good source to boost your immune system and other health issues. Having a good diet is essential to fight disease and keep healthy. For more guidance on health-related topics subscribe to our newsletters.

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