How Do Face Masks Work?

During the beginning of the Pandemic, many people were encouraging and discouraging the use of face masks. Some people even stated that the cloth masks are just another creative stunt and of no use. But that’s no true! When many people did not have enough penny in their pockets, they used their creative minds and presented washable and reusable cloth masks to save themselves from the COVID-19 outbreak. It is also one of the cheap and convenient ways to wear a mask. Most importantly, they help protect us!

Let’s have a look at how face masks work and protect us from getting infected.

What Exactly Face Masks Do?

1. Keep away the Respiratory Droplets from Spreading to the Other

Contact, Droplet, and Airborne are the three main precautions that can help pause the virus spread. When a person coughs, sneeze, shout, sing or speak, respiratory droplets can make a way through the air and spread the infection to the others. These droplets may land on the nose, mouth, or face of the other person, if you are standing close to each other. This is why having a face mask is essential during the pandemic. They work as a barrier to stop the droplets from reaching your mouth directly. As per the guidelines, it is necessary to wear the mask at all times, even if you do not feel sick. As there are many cases under which people are not yet showing symptoms (pre-symptomatic) but can spread it to the others.

2. Keep you Safe from infected Individuals

COVID-19 outbreak has led to huge losses, and the cases continue to rise. Many people are suffering from COVID-19 but are unaware of their condition as no symptoms are visible. But they have the potential to transmit the virus. Thus, wear a proper mask if visiting a nearby store or medical centers for routine checkups. It is better to take a precaution and stay safe at this point.

Maintain physical distancing, wear masks, avoid large gatherings or small get-togethers. These small steps can play a very effective role in slowing the transmission process. Until we find a solution to get rid of the virus, or the right available is ready to be delivered across the countries, it is better that we avoid contact, start taking proper measures, and indulge less in outdoor activities.

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