10 Tips to Ease Anxiety During COVID-19

tips on how to Control anxiety during covid

The uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic fear is still constant. Though the recovery rates are positive for some countries, fear and stress exist. Some people still face panic attacks and anxiety signs on learning about re-opening business and shops nearby. Some people have also started suffering and facing the COVID anxiety dream by showing signs of Insomnia, exhaustion, and confusion during nights.

In this blog, we have shared some of the tips to ease the fear and COVID-19 anxiety problems. Follow some of the tips to cope with the pandemic anxiety challenge.

1. Limit Media Exposure

Since the commencement of the pandemic many news channels and media distributors have been telecasting heart-tugging pandemic-related stories to keep you aware of the surroundings. But some news updates have been upsetting as the continuous rise in active cases has broken our hearts.

Keep distance from repeated COVID news headlines. Control your exposure to media or social platforms whenever you feel depressed or anxious.

2. Get Accurate Facts

COVID breakout is a huge matter. A lot of misinformation has been passed on through different mediums or socially for visibility and growth. Do not fall in for the wrong facts. Do not believe in whatever you see as many people are grabbing COVID-19 as an opportunity to grow themselves. Do not trust a specific website or channel. Keep checking on the facts until you know that the information is accurate. Trust reliable sources and public health departments for accurate and correct information related to Coronavirus’s current state.

3. Take COVID-19 precautions

There is no way out yet to control coronavirus, but we can reduce its risk by taking proper precautions and following a healthy diet plan. Keep a pocket sanitizer with you, cover your face with cloth or masks when in public, follow diet therapy for boosting the immune system, maintain 6 feet of distance with outsiders. Limit your outings and stay at home for a while.

Taking minor steps and precautions can build-up your self-confidence and diminish the feeling of anxiety.

4. Nature Therapy

Taking precautions and staying at home is essential, but no one needs to lock themselves in the room. Spend time with nature, walk in your garden. Locked rooms and continuous thoughts about the fear of COVID can increase anxiety. Talk with old friends, indulge in-home activities, take time for yourself, and practice yoga. Flower your plants, watch nature videos to relieve stress and anxiety.

5. Family Time

People addicted frequent social meetings/gatherings are having a bad time figuring out what to do. Leading to mental health and irritation. If you can’t connect socially, try digitally. Pick up your mobiles, laptops, or tablets and enjoy face time with old friends and family members. Regular interactions can be very beneficial and can help alleviate the stress and anxiety level.

Spend time with people who can bring up a smile or wash away your negative thoughts. Interact with people who can lift you and energize you.

6. Exercise

Lying on the bed for a long time increases anxiety. Grab all the strength left in you and involve yourself in physical activities. Exercise or perform yoga. Take short breaks and keep moving. Physical activities when performed help reduce anxiety. So, when you start feeling stressed or lazy, move your mind to daily chores, dance, or exercise. Do what makes you happy!

Commence with regular exercise of about 20 minutes at least 3 days per week. It is a great remedy to lower your stress levels.

7. Move your Focus from Depressing Stories to Financial Planning

Pandemic has crossed record levels of unemployment yet with the growing technology and new techniques one can start from zero. Use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other platforms to grow money online. Ignoring financial issues won’t be of any help as the difficult time is to make you stronger.

Rather than falling for the negative, keep walking towards positive. Save on your expenses. Apply for government relief programs, if required. Shortlist where you can invest in and add a source of income during this pandemic.

8. Reframe your Thoughts

“Things are never going to get better,” is a phrase recited by those who have given up hope. But, is the same thought making anything good happen to you? If you change your thought and reframe your statement, a minor step towards hope can help open doors that you might have been looking up for.

Don’t let your anxious thoughts rule your mind. Focus on what you are thinking is any way benefiting you? Keep thinking what a person with a positive mindset or the one with hope would do in your situation. Always remember, “Things will be tough, with or without the pandemic. The only thing matters at the end that you kept trying.” If you need a counselor dial up the list. Keep investing every second towards positive thoughts as long as you want to win.

9. Practice Mindfulness

Focus on your present, future is yet to come. We all have a habit of thinking about future misshapen and forget to spend a beautiful present. Take out your earphones, old collections, recipes, or any activity you feel passionate about. Notice, observe, and focus on your current condition.

Another way to practice mindfulness is to practice yoga. Concentrate on your breathing and feel your heartbeat. Join some meditation apps. Take out time for yourself. When life will be back to normal, you’ll have memories that you tried fighting your fears and overcame stress.

10. Make Art

Art therapy is an old-time technique to reduce anxiety symptoms. Engage in drawings, clay sculptures, and creative stuff. Art and colors can quiet the mind and help you express emotions beautifully.

Follow some of these tips and see results for yourself. The COVID-19 pandemic won’t last for long if we start investing in ourselves and take precautions. Practice healthy ways to boost our immune system and become fit for such unforeseen conditions, if ever happen.

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