Acupressure Points to Reduce Cravings

Losing weight is a challenge in itself. For all junk lovers or people who love eating food find it hard to keep away cravings. Some of them try pulling themselves up and doing regular exercises, some try diet therapy to focus on healthy intake, some follow fasting therapy to control insatiable hunger, and some give up as they cannot stop overeating. If you have also followed some of these techniques and yet find it hard to lose weight, we have a solution for you.

All you need to do is regulate the process of how a hypothalamus, a vital part of your brain that plays an essential role in controlling appetite, digestion process, and hunger hormones.

In this blog, we will be talking about a few acupressure points in your body that can help to curb hunger.

1. Abdomen point

Abdomen Acupressure Point

Place your fingers around 2 inches below your belly button. Now, move your index finger and middle finger in a circular motion to massage the point. Follow this process for two minutes every day. The abdomen point is responsible for the digestive system. Doing this exercise will enhance the digestive system process and boost the immune system as well. The technique is also beneficial to get relief from constipation.

2. Ear Point

Ear Acupressure Point

Put your finger on the area where your jaw and ear meet. Keep moving your jaw up-down and press the region for a minute. Pressing the ear point in acupressure therapy will help keep control of your appetite. This point further helps in reducing stress associated with neck and back.

3. Knee Point

Place your finger two inches below the kneecap. If you find movement in muscles under your finger when you flex your foot, it is a sign you have found the right spot. Press and massage the point for two minutes to improve the digestion process and nourish the blood running in your veins. Follow the practice every day and press this acupressure point to suppress appetite.

4. Elbow Point

Find this acupressure point on the inner side of the elbow towards the ribs. This acupressure spot is responsible for stimulating the large intestine functioning. Pressing with the thumb and massaging the points helps eliminate excess heat and moisture accumulated in the body. Make sure to use the thumb to put on extra pressure. Exercise this technique for a minute every day.

5. Ankle Point

If you want to improve your digestion process and the immune system, locate a point two inches above your ankle on the inner side of the leg. Metabolize your meals b applying thumb pressure to this acupressure point each day for a minute.

Note: If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before practicing acupressure as a few points around your ankle may induce labor.

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Get control of your unhealthy food cravings by following our listed easy-to-follow acupressure technique. An unhealthy diet plan can lead to chronic diseases. So, follow the correct practice of acupressure points to reduce cravings.

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy.

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