COVID-19: Cautions for Lockdown Period

Many countries are currently facing lockdowns. The idea to make people stay at home is to halt the speed with which the virus can infect millions. COVID-19 is more infectious than any other form of Coronavirus such as SARS or MERS-CoV. It spreads too fast through respiratory droplets.

Doctors, Researchers, Experts are making the best efforts to find a vaccine for the disruption and treat people. But till then, social distancing is the only option to halt the spread.

But how exactly does a COVID-19 lockdown work? In this blog, we have listed some cautions one must consider during the lockdown period. To prevent the spread of this outbreak, one must be aware and take measures to stay away from the impact of COVID-19.

COVID-19_ Cautions for Lockdown Period

1. Home Stay

Stay at home and avoid moving out unless and until it is a must. Primarily, if you are a senior citizen or already have a pre-existing heart or respiratory issue, then maintain distancing. Diabetic patients ought to be careful too.

2. Do Not Panic

Don’t panic or rush around during the lockdown while trying to stockpile food and supplies unnecessarily. Things of daily use and medicines will be available, but by doing so you will only end up being more prone to come in contact with someone who might be a carrier. As the virus passes from person to person, it is better to avoid crowded places.

3. Say No to Get-Togethers or Social Parties

Be it friends or family avoid get-togethers or personal meetings. Avoid any person coming to your house as much as you can. Avoid entry or contact with people directly. Some things are unavoidable but should be dealt with safely. Leave the newspaper or posts untouched for a while. Wash milk packets bought with soap and water before pouring them out. 

4. Surface Touch

Avoid touching doorknobs, lift buttons, stair rods, etc. Also avoid touching shop counters while purchasing groceries, milk, etc.

5. Home Delivery

Shun the habit of ordering products online for the time being as they reach you after several stoppages where they are checked and re-dispatched by numerous people precisely you can say it is a long chain which may turn out to be hazardous.

6. Make Use of Gloves

Coronavirus can stay on surfaces from a few hours to several days. So it is better to be cautious, use gloves and keep cleaning surfaces with soap & water. Also, be very careful when disposing-off of these gloves or masks in use as they may be swallowed by animals creating bigger risks. Thus, they should be either buried deep inside or burnt carefully.

Point to ponder when Working from Home or Away from Home or Quarantined

  • Call your friends and family regularly to comfort and stick together in hard times. It is for the betterment of both parties as we all need each other.
  • Get over with the piled up cleaning chores that have been put off for long. Be it your cupboard, store or anything else. You can also avail of this time to go through your pending paperwork.
  • Instead of cribbing at having to stay indoors, take it as an opportunity to be able to watch all that was on your mind, read books solve puzzles or get crafty.
  • Mix up with your family members and create moments that will stay forever.
  • Indulge in Physical activities at home so that you don’t get ill or stressed at home.

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People often take advantage of adverse situations and at this time when everybody is helpless or panicking, some would misguide or mislead you to believe that they have been authorized to sanitize your house and the belongings. Believing such culprits you coolly allow them to enter your house where they rob you and leave you to cry over spilled milk because when you realize what happened it’s too late. 

Furthermore, you are not aware of who is infected around you or not, so maintain social distancing and avoid people letting in your space.

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