Acupuncture Therapy for Ankle Sprain

Acupuncture therapy for sprains is highly effective as it helps in reducing pain, swelling, and recovery time. It promotes circulation to decrease inflammation and boost the flow of endorphins to relieve pain. A sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries that can happen to anyone regardless of age. You can get your ankle sprained while playing a sport, going up on stairs, going for a run, or moving around in your home.

A sprain is a soft tissue injury which occurs when an individual pushes a part of the body beyond its normal range of motion by a sudden twist and turn. When an ankle experiences a sudden twist or turn, it results in overstretching or tearing of ligaments.

Types of Sprains in Ankle

An ankle sprain can occur at three severity levels:

Grade I: This level points to a minor sprain that can occur during walking. During such circumstances, the ankle turns sharply, causing a slight tear in the muscles and ligaments due to sudden pull.

Grade II: This level refers to a moderate sprain that can happen when running or due to a fall accident. In this case, the ankle twists further in, causing a partial tear of the ligament.

Grade III: This level refers to a severe sprain which results from a significant impact, caused by a fall at a great speed or from a substantial height. It may happen when a fall gets more complicated due to another person’s weight, such as in situations when a person is playing a sport like football or baseball. In such cases, ligaments might get torn entirely. Moreover, a person may also suffer from an ankle fracture or even dislocation.

Acupuncture Therapy for Ankle Sprain

Acupuncture therapy provides great relief from ankle sprains. When an acupuncture therapist stimulates certain acu-points, it releases natural endorphins in your body that reduce the pain and block the pain signals in the affected area.

Soft tissue injuries like sprain not only affect ligaments but also tendons and muscles. The main symptoms of such injuries include pain, swelling, limited ability to use sprained areas, and bruising. For a thousand years, acupuncture therapy is being used for treating such types of injuries.

So, if you have sprained your ankle or are suffering from a similar injury, acupuncture therapy is an ideal choice to get relief. When left untreated or uncared for, a sprained ankle can lose mobility and strength. Thus, it is highly recommended to seek acupuncture therapy for sprains as early as possible and continue it to ensure adequate healing of sprained ankle.

What You Must Know About Sprained Ankles

A person who has a sprained ankle is more vulnerable to injuries in that area in the future. To reduce the chances of future injuries in that area, you should:

  • Regularly exercise to improve the flexibility in the ankle after discussing it with your doctor or therapist
  • Practice exercises that strengthen all-over muscles
  • Focus on balance training to improve your balance while standing, walking, running, and doing other actions
  • Always warm-up before you engage in a workout or sports
  • Be extra careful when walking on uneven surfaces
  • Wear a compression sleeve on the ankle if it feels sore
  • Attend acupuncture therapy sessions for sprain regularly to promote better flow

If you have sprained your ankle or are suffering from sprain in another body part, schedule your appointment today for acupuncture therapy for sprains to get immediate relief. Feel free to find the best acupuncturist near you by booking our naturopathy counselling session. For more updates on naturopathy, acupuncture and other types of natural treatments and remedies, subscribe our newsletter.

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