27 Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Almost each one of you, some way or the other, would have heard up weight loss advice from friends or relatives. Right from suggesting a change in the diet plan to drinking celery juice to lose weight in a month, you must have come across many such tips and tricks. And most importantly from people who have zero expertise in the health sector.

Well! To save you from misguided weight loss tips, we have penned down some science-based natural methods to lose weight. Discover some of the most effective natural ways to shed pounds and get a healthy shape.

Check out 27 easy natural ways to lose weight in a short span.

  1. Get Some Protein on Your Diet Chart

Proteins are rich in nutrients, and they have the power to regulate the hormones responsible for controlling your hunger. Excessive carbs and fat can make you gain weight. By adding protein to your diet, you can boost your metabolism and burn calories up to 80–100 every day.

Also, having a high-protein diet will keep your stomach full. Thus, this form of daily diet is a great source to reduce your cravings and hunger. Do you know, many people who follow a high-protein diet consume 400+ fewer calories each day?

Well! No matter what you think or believe. It is a fact – protein intake can reduce excessive calories automatically, control your hunger issues and keep you full the whole day.

  1. Prefer eating Whole or Single-Ingredient Foods

Just going in for the whole, single-ingredient foods is the key to good health. These foods help remove the added sugars, added fats, and processed food. Moreover, these whole foods keep you away from munching every now and then as they are naturally filling. Thus, your calorie intake gets limited, and you can bank upon your healthy diet. To add more, these whole or single-ingredient foods are packed with nutrients essential for the proper functioning of your body. Thus, putting in no extra effort, weight loss comes in naturally.

  1. Avoid Intake of Processed Foods

Processed foods are packed with added sugars, added fats as well as calories and tend to make you addicted to eating more. Hence, once you give in to processed foods, you relish them and fall in for putting on that extra weight quite unknowingly.

  1. Stick your diet on Healthy Foods and Snacks

Your eating behavior, as well as your weight, can be easily guessed by what you have in store. So, it is always advisable to keep healthy foods available so that there’s little to no scope of unhealthy munching. Healthy and natural snacks can be prepared as well as carried easily. Here, you can bank upon fresh whole fruits, nuts, carrots, and yogurt. Hard, boiled eggs are yet another option.

  1. Lessen your Intake of Added Sugar


By cutting down on added sugars from your diet, you reduce the risk of certain diseases say heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer. The added sugar is part of most processed foods. Moreover, it is difficult to figure out the quantity by checking the ingredient list as sugar goes by many names. Thus, unknowingly, one falls prey.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water intake is good for weight loss actually stands true. Where on one hand it is a good replacement for other beverages that are rich in sugar and calories, it also keeps you full and restricts your calorie intake especially in the case of elderly people.

  1. Drink (Unsweetened) Coffee

Being loaded with antioxidants and some other useful compounds, coffee has lately been in promotion considering its health benefits. Coffee intake tends to increase the energy levels and also the number of calories you burn, thus it might support weight loss. Also, black coffee contains no calories and gives you a filling feel. So, you can bank on it as weight loss friendly. Furthermore, caffeinated coffee is known to boost metabolism.

  1. Intake of Supplement With Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a weight loss pill that has proven its worth if taken before the meal. Glucomannan is a water-soluble polysaccharide that is considered a dietary fiber and is obtained from the roots of the Konjac plant. The fiber from Glucomannan acts like a bulk-forming natural laxative making its way down the digestive system delaying the stomach from emptiness. Moreover, it satisfies your gut bacteria and also cuts down on the absorption of proteins and fats. Furthermore, its high molecular weight gives it an exceptional ability to absorb water (up to 50 times its weight in water). Additionally, it is one of the most viscous dietary fibers and is thus, taken in a smaller dose on comparing with any other supplement.

  1. Avoid intake of Liquid Calories

The quite popular sugary soft drinks, fruit juices, chocolate milk as well as energy drinks are the main source of liquid calories. They are bad for health as they lack fiber content and thus involve an increased risk of obesity, especially among children who bank on these beverages daily and have no outdoor activities to follow. Also, the registring of liquid calories by the brain is quite different from the solid ones. Thus, unknowingly you end up in the mess as these unregistered calories add up on all that you eat.

  1. Avoid Refined Carbs

Refining means clearing off but what’s shocking is that when we talk about refined carbs we get carbs that have been deprived of most of their beneficial nutrients and fiber. Though they are now easily digestible, they cause overeating and include a high risk of diseases. Unfortunately, white flour, white bread, white rice, pastries, pasta, sweets, snacks, sodas, and even breakfast cereals plus added sugar are the main dietary sources of refined carbs and are commonly and extensively used in every kitchen.

  1. Fast Intermittently

With intermittent fasting where the eating pattern cycles between the eating and fasting periods, one can easily keep a check on their calorie intake. The pattern includes 5:2 diet, 16:8 method, and the eat-stop-eat method. So, just choose any one of these to eat fewer calories without actually restricting the calorie intake consciously. So, that’s not much of an effort leading to weight loss along with other health benefits.

  1. Try Drinking (Unsweetened) Green Tea

Loaded with antioxidants, green tea is known for weight loss and fat burning. Highly effective at burning belly fat that is most harmful, green tea has gained a lot of popularity recently. Yet another variety of powdered green tea, Matcha by name, is comparatively said to have powerful health benefits. Green tea is easily available in local markets as well as online.

  1. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have always been counted as healthy foods because of their vitamin and mineral richness. Moreover, they hold a good amount of water and are full of fiber. Thus even on consuming larger servings of fruits and vegetables, you can manage to keep away from these extra calories. No doubt, fruits, and vegetable lovers tend to weigh less.

  1. Track Calories Once in a While

Awareness of your health and effective measures to keep a check on it is highly beneficial. So just think about the calorie content in your diet, plan your meal accordingly and also try to pen down things for a record. This motivates you as you see slight changes and pushes you to go ahead in the long run. However, these days you have various apps or other electronic tools that work more effectively and efficiently as compared to maintaining a food diary.

  1. Try filling a smaller plate for your Meal

Usually, people fill up their plates before starting to eat their meal thus, unintentionally they end up with larger servings if the plates are big in size. However, if you eat on smaller plates you get a feeling of having eaten more despite the smaller serving. No doubt, smaller plates reduce the amount of food you eat thus helping you achieve your mission ‘weight loss’.

  1. Try a Low-Carb Diet

Going in for a low-carb diet helps you lose weight because when you cut down on carb intake and bank more on fat and protein your appetite gets reduced and thus you end up consuming lesser calories. Moreover, it also keeps you away from the risk of several diseases.

  1. Eat More Slowly

It’s always said chew your food well rather than gulping it quickly. Though on one hand this is advised to keep your stomach from putting that extra effort to digest the unchewed food, a major concern is to keep you safe from eating way too many calories before the body alarms you that you are done. Furthermore, chewing the food slowly allows the production of hormones good for weight loss. No doubt, fast eaters tend to turn obese.

  1. Replace Some Fat with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides. The metabolism of such fats is quite different from others. Moreover, coconut oil is highly beneficial for reducing harmful belly fat. So, it is advisable to replace some of your other fat sources with coconut oil rather than adding it to your diet.

  1. Add Eggs to Your Diet

Eggs have always been recommended for their additional nutritional value and high protein content which keeps you full for longer periods and lessens your appetite. Moreover, they are affordable as well as low in calories. Furthermore, eating eggs for breakfast helps you eat fewer calories throughout the rest of the day.

  1. Spice Up Your Meals

Adding chili, peppers, and jalapenos might boost metabolism as well as enhance the burning of fat as they contain compound capsaicin. This is also known to cut down your appetite restricting your calorie intake.

  1. Always Brush Teeth After Meals

Do you know the stuck snack or leftover food particles between the teeth can bring back your desire or taste to eat again? Well! It is true. This is why experts recommend brushing teeth after meals. Further, you will be less tempted to get another snack unnecessarily.

  1. Overcome Food Addiction

Our eating habits change patterns in the brain which makes it hard for the body to resist eating certain food items. Food addiction is a major cause for overweight or obese patients. A good count of the population fails to keep control of overpowering cravings.

There are many factors responsible for food addiction. Also, there are certain foods that are more likely to cause such symptoms, for example, junk food, or foods with high sugar.

The only way to lose weight naturally is to control your mind and body and combat food addiction.

  1. Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardio has always been one of the best shots to stay fit both mentally and physically. Be it regular jogging, running, cycling, hiking, or following a power walk, you can burn your calories any time.

Cardiovascular workouts help reduce any risk factor associated with heart disease. Also, it is one of the best methods to lose some weight at home.

Fire up your metabolism and remove the build-up fats near your organs responsible for various metabolic diseases. Burn more calories at home with simple cardio workouts.

  1. Follow Resistance Exercises

Following a balanced diet is a great technique to keep control of your weight. But if you lose too much of your muscle mass while dieting, your body will burn fewer calories than before.

If you regularly practice weight lifts and a few more exercises, chances to prevent the above-listed health condition are high.

Also, you will feel more active after these exercises.

  1. Whey Protein in your Diet

We are sure your body gets enough protein If you take a complete diet. But in some cases, if you are not eating healthy and following a proper diet, adding a whey protein supplement to your diet is an effective way to boost your protein intake.

Many studies have also shown good results with the exercise of Whey Protein in your Diet, including increase strength, lessen body fat and gain more muscles.

Remember to go through the list of ingredients when buying one as some products carry added sugar and are flavored with unhealthy additives.

  1. Make a Habit of Mindful Eating

One of the best approaches to help gain control over eating habits and increase a person’s sensual awareness of the food. The habit of mindful eating helps develop better food options and keep control of your hunger. With time the practice has shown great benefits in weight loss, changing eating behavior, and control on stress levels in the case of obese patients.

It is a natural technique that helps weight loss and treats other health conditions, including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and more. This technique further helps one distinguish between true hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating.

  1. Change the Way you Live

No physical activity and continuous intake of fatty foods is a major reason for your weight gain. All you need to do is focus on changing your lifestyle and daily habits. Dieting sounds great, but one can’t stand this practice for a long time. Also, when you are “dieting” and later give up on it, you eventually gain weight.

Instead of just practicing ways to lose weight, make a change in your lifestyle and nourish your body with healthy food items, a high-protein diet, and foods rich in nutrients. Focus on becoming a healthy person rather than only losing weight.

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