8 Health Benefits of Neem

Neem means arista in Sanskrit and has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which help in maintaining dental health, skin health, removal of toxins from the body, and prevention of gastric ulcers. These also keep all kinds of infections and diseases at bay.

Neem leaves are packed with antibacterial properties, so they do wonders for infections, burns, and any type of skin problems. It is no surprise that the neem tree is so effective in fighting viruses and bacteria, as well as being a strong immune booster.

Apart from its leaves, the seeds, roots, and even bark can be advantageous for they contain some vital compounds with medicinal and beauty properties. In simple terms, neem is one of the best plants that denote good health.

Neem also helps to improve hair quality and to increase hair growth.

Neem is also useful in treating other diseases such as cancer, smallpox, and malaria. Many ayurvedic practitioners have been using extracts from neem trees as key ingredients to promote health and well-being. The diabetic properties of Neem oil or neem extract make it beneficial to keep a healthy body. The topical application of neem oil can help treat acne and other skin conditions because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Also, daily consumption of neem juice in the mornings, when you are not hungry, helps to promote good skin health.

Below we have listed some more benefits in detail that will convince you how neem can improve your overall health.

1. Good for Skin and Hair

Apart from being used in Ayurvedic medicines, the extracts from the neem tree are also used to treat hair and skin problems. You can buy Neem oils that contain natural antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that may aid in treating the root causes of scalp flakes and alleviating symptoms. Regularly massaging your skin with neem oil may also promote stronger bones.

2. Treat Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Do you remember when your known ones suffered from chicken pox, the old people used to place neem leaves around you? Well! Neem leaves have been in use for a long time for treating warts as well as chicken pox. One can apply it as a paste or make the person take bath in neem water to treat fungal and bacterial infections.

3. Great for Bone Health

As stated above, if you apply neem paste or oil on your skin, it will make your bones stronger and reduce any inflammation. The leaves also contain calcium and mineral content that will help relieve arthritic pain, and any stiffness or pain, and promote strong bone health.

4. Insecticide

To ward off insects, the best is to store cotton pads with neem-soaking water by the window or burn the neem leaves. It helps fight the mosquito menace.

5. Good for oral hygiene

To keep your teeth healthy as well, you can also turn to neem leaves. The active properties present in the leaves help reduce germs from spreading and attacking the body. You can also chew the leave and promote fresh breath. Get rid of any sort of decay by brushing with neem toothpaste. It also helps maintain a pH level in the saliva.

6. Helps Increase Immunity Level

Do you know if you take neem capsules on a daily basis, will improve your immune system and reduce a fever? It might be bitter and astringent by taste, but its anti-fungal properties can help you fight the wet and cold weather.

7. Treat Skin Disorders

Another best part about Neem intake is it has a detoxifying property that can be used to treat eczema and other skin infections. Also, it helps heal wounds without leaving any scars.

8. Acne relief

Get rid of acne problems with neem leaves. There are various beauty products that contain neem properties to reduce acne. Buy one and relieve skin dryness, skin itchiness, or redness. The anti-inflammatory property prevents pimples and skin blemishes.


Neem is bitter and astringent by taste, yet it is beneficial in cases of acidity, urinary problems, and skin disorders. Owing to its tikta (bitter) flavor and pitta-balancing properties, extracts of neem extracts draw out toxins from the blood, thus helping in managing various skin diseases.

Neem also helps to strengthen your immune system, enhance digestion, enhance oral health, reduce blood sugar levels, lower inflammation and enhance the health of your skin and hair. Many of us are hesitant about eating it, in spite of the many benefits, all due to the bitter taste.  But, the Neem tree is blessed with myriad health benefits.

Neem can be used for many purposes like curing fever, irritable tummy, worms, skin imperfections, and heart diseases. Neem sticks also have germicidal effects, and most places commonly chew Neem sticks for promoting good oral health and keeping teeth cavity-free.

Plant a neem tree or buy products with neem properties to improve overall health. It is a great home remedy and cures illness faster.

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