4 Myths about Naturopathic Medicine


Naturopathic Medicine is an old-school practice that relies on natural remedies to heal and cure the illness. Doctors have been exercising the practice past many centuries still a large number of people question its validity. The technique of naturopathy works on the self-healing mechanism and exercising natural and non-invasive methods to live a healthy lifestyle. Naturopathy includes an array of therapies, such as massage therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Diet Therapy, fasting therapy, mud therapy, magnet therapy, botanical medicine, and more to prevent diseases. The old school method of Naturopathy treatment works on the principle of finding the root cause of the disease to cure using natural home remedies and maintain less expenditure.

In this post, we have penned down some common myths about naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic medicine has no scientific support

The practice of Naturopathy has been in action for years and incorporates modern science and research in the current period. For the proper treatment, evidence-based research is vital. Also, there are many naturopathic doctors involved in the research process that will help improve the current therapeutics through scientific exploration.

Naturopathic and conventional medicine cannot work together

People who are not much aware of the benefits and working of naturopathic medicine, often fall for the misconception that naturopathic doctors demand opposing the use of conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals. The fact is false. Both naturopathic and conventional medicine, play individual roles and do not oppose one another. Doctors may at times also recommend working together on both medicines for faster recovery. As both forms of medicine work with the idea to maximize the health of a patient.

Naturopathic doctors have little training experience

Unknown of the whole certification process to become a Naturopath Doctor, people assume that they took an online course to be one. However, it is not true. To become a Licensed naturopath, one needs to complete a four-year graduation program from an authorized college of naturopathy. Here, they learn basic science, study nutrition, psychology, herbal medicine, and homeopathy before they can be licensed.

Further, they need to pass Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exam (NPLEX) that includes diagnostic and therapeutic subjects, basic and clinical science.

Naturopathic medicine practice isn’t effective for patients

Be it a headache, chronic pain, allergies, or any other disease that needs immediate attention, naturopathic medicine has been effective for all health conditions. For centuries, doctors have been practicing naturopathy with conventional medicine to treat the patient. The theory of finding the root cause of an illness and using home remedies to cure has been effective for centuries. Also, many doctors believe that the practice of naturopathy with modern science can create effective treatments for patients. Conventional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of an illness, whereas naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the cause of an illness, yet makes it no less effective.

Naturopathic medicine uses the body’s energy healing powers to treat the illness and teach them how to stay healthy. Next time, you get confused about whether naturopathy is the right treatment to follow or not, visit a naturopathic doctor for consultation and better guidance to treat the illness using natural methods.

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