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Are you or anyone close to you suffering from an eating disorder? An eating disorder is a form of serious mental illness, not only limited to food and weight. These disorders can affect your daily performance, cause physical health issues, and even create severe disruptions in day-to-day life. Under this health condition, people or kids often develop a habit of eating unhealthy. These disorders do not occur due to one specific cause. Many factors might influence eating disorders, such as personality traits, cultural ideals, genetic issues, or brain biology.

Here is the list of some common eating disorders:

  1. Anorexia nervosa
  2. Bulimia nervosa
  3. Binge eating disorder
  4. Pica
  5. Rumination disorder
  6. Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder

In this post, we will discuss how practicing Yoga and Naturopathy Techniques can help control eating disorders.

Yoga is a traditional practice that helps balance mind and body activities. The experts recommend practicing yoga in daily life also for its healing and balancing powers. Yoga and Naturopathy are the best practice that help restore functional ability and improve the quality of life for people with physical impairments, health disorders, or any form of disability. Practicing both the techniques together can have lasting benefits to your health and lifestyle.

How Yoga is beneficial for people with eating disorder? Why it is a suitable choice for many?

As per the National Eating Disorder Association, around 1/4th of adults has been a part of an eating disorder or are aware of people suffering from the health condition. Yoga, through its power, has known to reduce anxiety, anger, and stress. Practicing yoga has also added many benefits to people going through depression and improving their self-esteem. Thus, leading to maintain a healthy body image. Many health conditions have shown positive impact through yoga practice. These health conditions include digestion, constipation, any other reaction caused due to binge eating.

Apart from controlling any disease or health to violate the body’s functioning, the practice also adds an emotional touch to the mind, allowing control on its wants and longings for unhealthy food. There are many factors responsible for an unhealthy diet structure. Stress is one of them. To sustain eating disorders, one must follow the yoga exercises that opens up your body via stretching exercises and later ends with relaxing the mind and the body. Yoga helps release stress and any form of the burden carried on for years during or after the practices. One must practice yoga, meditate and perform breathwork exercises that help lessen any form of physiological stress in the body. Further, it creates a response and activates the nervous system and boosting brain activity responsible for confidence, emotions, and mental flexibility.

How Naturopathy Helps in Eating Disorders?

Naturopathy is a traditional practice of healing through inner powers. Naturopathic physicians treat the patients based on various factors. The physicians focus on the physical, lifestyle, environmental, mental, and emotional wellness of the patient to treat their health conditions. Naturopathy doctors focus on addressing the cause of a patient’s disease. If you are suffering from eating disorders, then the chances of suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma are high. One must also get in touch with a psychologist for better advice and update on mental health issue due to the properties of binge eating disorder.

The therapy process commences with the examination of the body’s long-term changes: What nutritional deficiency has the patient been suffering for a long time? How eating disorders can impact the mental performance of the patient? Whether stomach, heart, kidneys, and other organs or blood components have been impaired? Naturopathy doctors also assess other health issues the patient might need assistance for to overcome the eating disorder. Naturopathy technique also covers various forms of healing therapies, including acupuncture, massage therapy, botanical medicine, air therapy, hydrotherapy, and others.

Acupuncture removes the blockage in the flow of the body’s life energy by inserting needles at few points. The Acupuncture practice might help treat eating disorders along with additional health issues, such as stress, and afflicted bodily systems. The botanical medicine replenishes the organ systems that gets damaged from the binge eating problem and habits. And massage therapy, a form of naturopathy technique lowers stress hormones and raises the positive chemical composition of norepinephrine and dopamine. Further, massage therapy reduces all forms of body dissatisfaction. If you are looking forward to practicing the technique of naturopathy to treat eating disorders, book an appointment first. The naturopathy doctors will analyze your health condition and accordingly suggest a suitable naturopathy practice to treat eating disorders.

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