4 Acupressure Points on your Neck and Shoulder to Relieve Stress

Acupressure Therapy is one of the safe and alternative treatments to promote relaxation and treat illness. It is one of the traditional Chinese medicine similar to acupuncture therapy. However, this practice of naturopathy does not involve the use of needles to treat illness, instead involves the use of thumbs and fingers (at times the elbow) to exert pressure and energize the channels.

Studies and research have shown that nature plays a vital role in our lives can impact our lives mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. These changes internally or externally affect the flow of qi or our vital energies. Acupressure in such a case helps re-establish the balance and produce harmony in the body.

If you are aware of the right points in your body that can help relieve you from health problems, it is great. In this post, we are going to highlight some of these specific points in our body that will help manage stress, balance energy levels and improve overall health. From reducing stress and anxiety to regulating blood circulation and treating various illnesses, we cover some of the essential points best for acupressure therapy. If you have dealt with neck or shoulder pain for a long time, this guide will help you relieve stress and tension from these points.

Point 1

Right above your shoulder blade, there is a lower point. Usually, our body stores stress and tension in higher points that is more muscular. Put your left hand on the right shoulder and look for the tension in the muscle region. Curve and lock your finger so that the weight of your arm can take support and relax forward. Hook your fingers on the muscular area of this point. While performing this activity, keep taking long and deep breaths and slowly release the hold. Now, massage both the lower and upper points on the shoulder using your fingertips to release the stress and the tension.

Point 2

Lift your left hand towards the right shoulder and check for harder points. Feel the tension and accordingly massage your shoulders using the fingertips. If you notice stress or tension on both the lower and upper body points, massage gently in that region.

Point 3

Place both hands on the backside of your head near the neck. Apply pressure on the back neck region to balance the thyroid gland and relieve neck tension. Place right hand towards the right side and left hand towards the left corner. Now rub the region and feel your muscles parallel to your spine. Curve fingers and hook the point.  Take deep breaths. Once finished with slot 1. Now switch your hands and use your right hand for the left shoulder-neck region and left hand for the right shoulder neck region. Curve your finger and apply pressure gently to massage the tension area.

Point 4

Place your fingers underneath the base of your neck. You will locate the points on this region also referred to as ‘Gates of Consciousness’. Use your thumb base to hold them and breathe properly. Take deep breaths and apply pressure towards the front. These points are located in the hollows and can treat headaches or migraine problems apart from releasing stress.

Please make sure to consult your Physician before practicing these points. Our body comprises many nerves and meridians. Consult a naturopath or Physician’s advice before applying the practice on your body. It is true one can treat himself/herself at home with acupressure therapy. But, one needs to be well aware of the right points in our body that can treat your disorder, release stress and tension, or regulate proper blood circulation in the body. For more details on acupressure benefits and how acupressure can treat various health problems, follow us. Subscribe to our newsletters for nutritional advice, online booking for a certified naturopath near you, natural home remedies for various health problems, or naturopathy counseling sessions online.

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