Acupuncture Therapy – A Holistic Approach to Balance Your Hormones

Hormone imbalance is one of the most common problems that women go through. Either they know it through lab tests that their hormones are in abnormal levels, or simply they just know it because of the symptoms, such as hot flashes (whether menopausal or not), irregular periods, and so on. The good thing is that if you are going through hormone imbalance issues, acupuncture therapy can help you. Experienced Acupuncturists understand how important it is for hormones to stay regulated.

Let’s dig out more on how acupuncture therapy can help regulate your hormones.

Acupuncture therapy can help restore hormone balance without using hormone treatment. How???


Chinese medicines and treatments were developed thousands of years ago – long before humans know that hormones exist. Since there were no advanced laboratories, acupuncturists had to be incredibly knowledgeable to notice the cues that the body shows us in order to understand what needs to be treated for a patient to restore the normal state. This means acupuncturists can help you treat hormone imbalance without using hormone treatments.

The problem of hormone imbalance is unique for every woman. Thus, there is no standard procedure or shortcut.

Every woman with a hormone imbalance issue is seen as unique from the perspective of acupuncture. It is because not all women experience the same thing when their hormones go out of whack.

One woman may be cold and tired all the time yet cannot sleep in the night due to extreme night sweats and evening heat and maybe even having very long cycles that only come every few months. On the other hand, another woman with the same lab results might feel edgy and irritated, suffer from anxiety, have a short menstrual cycle, and also wake at night due to night sweats and extreme heat. A third woman may have digestive problems, frequent illnesses, headaches, and also wake up at night due to night sweats.

Thus, the case of every woman with hormone imbalance is considered unique.


What do acupuncturists do to fix the body issues and imbalances?

Acupuncturists perform a pulse and tongue diagnosis before starting acupuncture therapy. This is why each woman gets a completely different diagnosis. They take the entire body system into account which enables them to produce great results. They find out where the body is not functioning properly, which is causing the hormone regulating system to not work properly. Then, they work to fix that.

Consequently, acupuncturists can help you solve the problem of hormone imbalance even without addressing hormones. Plus, a menopausal woman where it is normal for her to have lower hormones can also get relief by getting her body balanced.

By now, you can see that there is no use of hormone panels in acupuncture therapy for acupuncturists to assess or diagnose hormone imbalance. Regardless of what hormone panels say, acupuncturists will still treat current symptoms and imbalances that each woman goes through.

Whether you call it regulating the hormones or say balancing the system, the gist of both phrases in acupuncture is the same. Therefore, if you are also going through such issues, acupuncture therapy can be the ideal solution to sort out them.

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