8 Pressure Points on Your Hands

Our body comprises various pressure points that are known to be powerfully sensitive and used in acupressure for relieving stress and improving health. Most people believe that by applying pressure to these points, you can get relief from pain, maintain balance in the body, and improve overall health.

It is also believed that the human touch has great benefits. It is true that reflexology and acupressure are not well-studied practices but have shown good results over the years.

Research is still needed to prove its health benefits, yet most people believe in the therapy and prefer acupressure over other alternative therapies because it has limited side effects and has the ability to promote relaxation.

Hand Pressure Points in the Body

On the hand, there are eight essential pressure points that can promote relaxation and relief health. Here, we will discuss where are these points, what are their responsibilities, and how you can use them to improve your health:

There are 7 pressure points available in our hands.

Firstly, check the crease of your wrist as shown in the image.

hand 1

Secondly, there is a space between the ring and the pinkie finger. There is also a bone right next to the pressure point. If you apply gentle pressure on the spotted area, you can protect yourself from various problems like anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, depression, and the heart.

hand 2

For the small intestine, there are three pressure points right on the edge, at the outer side of your hand. By applying gentle pressure to these points, you can save yourself from neck pain, headache, and ear problems.

For your lungs, pressure points are available at the edge of your hand. Go straight from the tip of your thumb down to the hand, right beneath the crease of your wrist as shown in the image. Now, rub your finger along the line and stop if you find a sore spot nearby. Experts recommend applying gentle massage at this place unless you feel better. It is known for providing relief from chills, sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat.

hand 3

Then, there is this inner gate point found at a special spot. Hold your hand as if you are receiving a gift. Now, use the other hand and go down straight 3 centimeters from the wrist to the hand. As shown in the image, spot the point in the middle. By massaging firmly with your thumb on this point, you can relieve nausea, and stomach pain and improve digestion.

hand 4

Similarly, there is an outer gate point on the backside of your arm between two tendons. Spot the area by placing three fingers from the hand above the wrist as shown in the image. Now, apply firm pressure using these fingers to boost the immune system or give a rush of energy to the body.

hand 5

Another acupressure point to improve health is found on your wrist. Go straight from the pinkie finger to the wrist crease and firmly press at the shown in the below image to promote endorphins and happiness as they regulate emotions in the body.

wrist 1

On your wrist, go to the base of your thumb and run a finger to help alleviate respiratory and breathing problems.

Wrist 2

Another point is available right between the thumb and index finger on the back side of the hand. By applying firm touch to this spot, you can reduce stress and alleviate migraines, neck pain, toothaches, and shoulder tension.

Wrist 3

How Exactly These Pressure Points Work?

Practicing pressure points generally falls in the category of acupressure and reflexology. It is said that most of the powerful pressure points reside in the hands of the human body.

By applying appropriate touch to these areas, you can energize and restore your health. There is no scientific proof that it will boost your health but most practitioners believe it is an effective and one of the appropriate methods to improve overall health. There is very little risk to this practice.

You can also practice this therapy at your home but make sure to learn how to do so correctly.

By practicing acupressure therapy, you can gain good results in no time. For more health tips and information on home remedies, naturopathy, and other alternative therapies, subscribe to our newsletter.

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