11 Home Remedies You Must Know

Are you one of those who frequently use pills or tablets as and when you experience some pain? Well, it’s time to find some treatments in your kitchen. There are so many natural elements that have been effective since ancient times in eliminating symptoms and reducing the risk of the disease.

In this blog, we have shortlisted some natural home remedies for common health illnesses.

1. Menstrual Pain

Menstrual Pain

Alleviate cramps and decrease tension during your menstrual cycle each month by avoiding these foods. Avoid salty and fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated beverages. Add chamomile tea, fennel seeds, ginger, Papaya, walnuts, brown rice, broccoli, chicken, fish, flaxseed to your diet. Further, one can applying heat to the abdomen and lower back or practice massage therapy to reduce the menstrual pain. Avoid painful bloating during menstruation by frequently drinking water.

2. Chronic Headache

Chronic Headache

One can easily buy medicines from the market to get rid of the condition. But having medicine each time to reduce or get over headache is not an appropriate solution. Drink water throughout the day and limit your intake on alcohol. Get adequate sleep and practice yoga to relax your mind. You can also perform massage therapy with Peppermint Oil or Lavender Oil. Add Apple, Ginger, Basil, Cloves, Cinnamon to your food products or diet plan. Yoga, applying essential oils, and diet therapy are all-natural and effective methods to reduce symptoms of chronic headaches.

3. Flatulence


If you feel you are unusually gassy, try eating little and often. Do exercise and follow a balanced diet. Carbohydrates that contain fructose, lactose, insoluble fiber increase gas production as they ferment in the large intestine. Soft drinks, Beans and lentils, chewing gum are some food items that must be avoided in this condition. Carom Seeds, Jeera Water, adding Heeng to your dishes, ginger are some of the natural remedies for Farting (flatulence).

4. Sore Throat

Sore Throat

Saltwater, honey, lemon, Clove tea, green team, peppermint tea, Chamomile tea, Garlic, Apple cider vinegar, chicken soup are some of the at-home remedies to soothe the pain and irritation. Drinking plenty of fluids during this condition helps keep the throat moist. Avoid foods that may be difficult to swallow in the condition of a sore throat.

5. Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers

People having mouth ulcers understand the discomfort and pain very well. If you are suffering from the condition and looking for a remedy, follow these tips. Try honey as it helps your mouth from becoming dry and fastens the formation of new tissue in the mouth. Triphala, an Ayurvedic herbal powder is also very effective. Mishri and Camphor, Coconut Oil or Ghee, Aloe Vera Juice, Tulsi leaves are some of the natural remedies that will help get rid of mouth ulcers.

6. Sinus Congestion

Sinus Congestion

Staying Hydrated, Steam Inhalation, Eucalyptus oil are some of the practices that can help overcome sinus problems. There are also spices such as cayenne pepper, Turmeric that help in breaking and draining out congested mucus. Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginger root are also effective. Try avoiding fried and starchy foods, rice, meat, strong spices as they can trigger the sinus condition.

7. Asthma


Asthma can be minor but may lead to a life-threatening attack. It is best to be aware of natural methods to overcome the condition in threatening situations. Ginger, Garlic, Cloves, Turmeric Powder are some herbs that help reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. Cinnamon and Honey, Bay leaf are some other natural remedies that help prevent chronic symptoms of asthma.

8. Dandruff


Dandruff is too common and can be very embarrassing in public outings. Try Vinegar, Baking Soda, Neem, Tea Tree Oil, Garlic, Aloe Vera for itchy and dry skin. Apple Cider Vinegar, Fenugreek Seeds, Curd, Egg Yolk, Olive Oil, Basil Leaves are some more remedies that have been very effective.

9. Premature Graying of Hair

Gray hair

If you follow a diet plan comprising of fast food, aerated drinks, and sugars, dishes made with white flour, you may have a bad skin or hair condition. Intake of adequate vitamin supplements is essential to remain healthy and have good hair or skin. Follow a diet rich in B12, iron, and omega 3. Add Amla Powder to your hair oil and massage. Use Curry Leaves, Coconut Oil, Herbal Mix for your hair. Relax and rejuvenate your mind with yoga and meditation to ease the stress and pain. Stress can also be a major factor for Premature Gray Hair.

10. Dark Circles

Dark Circle

The best routine to Get Rid of Dark Circles is to use cucumber slices. Place cucumber slices on your eyes for a minimum time period of 10-15 minutes. You can also use tomato, rose water, old tea bags, potato, or coconut eye to get rid of dark circles from under your eyes. Eat More Salmon, sleep well, massage, exercise, and meditate to relax your mind and body.

11. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure

Are you suffering from a high blood pressure condition? Make some lifestyle changes, such as exercising regularly, following a healthy diet therapy, reduce sodium to your diet, limit alcohol usage, no smoking, and reduce caffeine intake. Also, meditate and practice yoga to keep control of your stress levels.

Following the above-listed natural home remedies can help improve your health. If you don’t want to follow any medication, stick to the at-home remedies. These remedies are quite effective and have known to be the best alternative treatment since ancient times. Make sure to use home remedies correctly or consult your doctor before consumption to be on a safer side.

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