10 Early Signs of Stroke You Need to Know

Strokes can occur at any age. There have been many cases when young students have died due to a stroke. Some people though believe stroke possibility in younger people is less as they are eating well. This is not true! There are many factors responsible for the stroke to happen. If you are frequently facing high blood pressure or have symptoms of high cholesterol, no matter how much you try to keep control you are likely to face the damage.

In the current period, Stress, Smoking, Drinking Alcohol are some of the habits common in the young generation. These factors are responsible for them to face a stroke at an early age.

In this blog, we have shortlisted some of the early common signs of a stroke. Have a look at them.

1. Trouble Seeing or Blurry Vision

When a stroke happens, the person may lose vision or notice the blurry vision. This can happen as the stroke affects a part of the brain that is responsible for vision actions. Face drooping, Dizziness, loss of balance are some other signs that may occur simultaneously.

Depending on the affected part of the brain controlling vision, one may have visual field loss, eye movement problems, visual processing problems, and other sight problems.

2. Difficulty Speaking or Confusion

One may encounter problems in talking or communicating. If there is a stroke that damages the left side of the brain, chances are it may cause problems with communication.

3. Weakness

There is sudden weakness, lack of strength, coordination, or numbness on one side of your body part (face, arm, or leg). If the part of the brain that controls your muscles is damaged, your muscles get weak and affect your movement.

4. Dizziness

Sudden dizziness or trouble walking can be a sign of something serious. It can be also a sign of a stroke if you notice any other similar signs too, such as difficulty in breathing, Numbness or paralysis of arms or legs, rapid or irregular heartbeat.

5. Pain

If you are noticing pain in the chest region, uncomfortable pressure, discomfort in your arms, back, neck, or other parts of the body, consult a doctor immediately.

6. Severe Headache

When a stroke happens the blood flow to the brain is interrupted which leads to brain cell death. If you have hit a severe headache suddenly, symptoms are uncertain and you have a family history of strokes, get emergency care immediately.

7. Face Drooping

If the stroke damages the muscles in the face, you may notice that the face starts drooping or facial paralysis. It is generally the facial nerve inside the brain that has been damaged.

8. Fatigue

If you always feel tired, you are most like to experience fatigue after a stroke. Follow Naturopathy Diet to keep yourself fit and strong.

9. Hiccups

If there are hiccups and unusual chest pain, it is an early sign of a stroke. Do not wait for hiccups to settle. Immediately visit the nearby doctor for further check. When the Oxygenated blood fails to reach the Lateral medulla, a part of the brain stem – stroke can occur.

10. Shortness of Breath

One may start feeling a problem in breathing or chest discomfort. Shortness of Breath is also a sign that may occur with or without chest discomfort.

Stroke can happen to anyone. Our daily habits can affect our bodies. Thus, it is important to make lifestyle changes to prevent a stroke. Stay Fit and Healthy. If you notice any of the above-listed signs and symptoms of a stroke, seek emergency care.

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