Yoga Poses to Help with Summer Migraines

Do you often suffer from migraines? Have you ever tried switching to yoga for overcoming your health condition? If not, we are going to share a few yoga poses that will provide relief from headaches and migraines in a natural way.

If you regularly face migraines, you very well know how it feels and what is that one thing you look forward to making it go away or settle down. Some depend on medication, while a few on natural methods to wave off the pain. Excessive heat often intensifies the migraine condition for most people which is why summer is not the best season for most people.

However, by practicing yoga, you are not relaxing the migraine in the process but also preventing from worsening the case and reducing the number of fits. Yoga is a practice that keeps your mind and body in order and enables them to sync with each other.

Here are a few yoga poses that will surely reduce the impact of migraines on the body.

  1. Savasana


The Savasana adds relaxation and peace of mind. This pose is also referred to as the corpse pose as it requires the practitioner to stay in the present without any distractions. The whole body is in contact with the ground under this posture which further helps release tension and improves conscious breathing, i.e., taking more oxygen to your brain.

It also enables you to attract more positive energy and eliminate negativity. It is one of the practices to overcome migraine problems.

  1. Ustrasana

Ustrasana helps open your heart, i.e., allows oxygenated blood to reach your head and reduces the tension or stress present in the body. Further, it strengthens your back and improves lung capacity. By exercising this posture, you will be able to intake air comfortably.

  1. Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

If you are looking for exercises that help in improving migraine problems, we are sure you do not want to miss out on this one. There is nothing better than a bridge pose for migraine problems. People hold maximum tension in the neck and shoulder areas. By practicing this posture, you enable your body to relax and allow the smooth movement of oxygenated blood to the heart and head.

  1. Child’s pose

This pose makes a person feel safe as it reminds the body of a state where he used to feel absolutely safe inside the womb, and all the requirements were met automatically. By putting your head in contact with the ground all the pressure points get activated. In simple terms, the posture helps reduce headaches, lowers irritation, improves migraine conditions, and reduces stress and anxiety levels.

  1. Pawanmuktasana

It is another relieving pose that helps eliminate toxins from the body and adds a sense of calmness. Hug your knees close to the chest to focus on feeling secure and observing your breath. It adds relaxation and helps reduce the impact of a migraine.

Make sure you are constantly exercising the above-listed procedures to improve migraine.

Also, if you find it difficult to manage migraines during summer, add light and cooling food items to the diet plan and drink more and more water. Also, consult a doctor and stick to your medication if needed.

The poses must be practiced frequently and one must be more consistent.

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