What is Acupuncture Therapy? 7 Things to Know About It

Acupuncture Therapy needles

Developed in China, Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice under Naturopathy as well. The technique is used for treating a variety of conditions by placing needles at the specific points in the body. The trigger and stimulation in the body parts due to needles improve the body’s function and promote the natural self-healing process.  

As per traditional Chinese medical experts, Illness is the consequence of an imbalance of the forces. And, if the body forces are balanced and are on the right track, you will not suffer from any medical problems. The experts applied the same theory in the acupuncture therapy and said that needle insertion in the specific body parts with appropriate combinations brings the energy flow back into proper balance.  

A few problems that get treated with acupuncture therapy are: 

  • Chronic pain like in neck, back, head and knees
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Sprains and strokes

Other than these, there are few more medical problems where acupuncture has proved to be effective.  If you are also prescribed for acupuncture therapy and you are thinking of having it done, you should keep 7 things in mind about the therapy. 

  1. Acupuncture therapists use needles in the therapy but surprisingly, the needles do not hurt. The needles used in the therapy are very thin, thinner than those used for giving shots. You will not get hurt but just feel a slight pressure on your body. 
  2. The acupuncture therapy sessions depend on the intensity of the problem. If the problem is at the first stage, you feel relieved in one session. Generally, more than one session is prescribed to heal the problem completely.
  3. Unlike other therapies, you are allowed to eat before the session. Or, it can be said that experts recommend eating so that you have enough energy during acupuncture therapy.
  4. Sometimes, people avoid acupuncture due to the thought that the same set of needles is on every patient. But, that’s not the case. The acupuncturists dispose of the used needles and take a brand new needled for each treatment. 
  5. You should wear loose clothes for acupuncture therapy so that it becomes easier for the acupuncturists to reach the targeted area. In case your clothes are tight, you will have to change or lie down naked for proper insertion of the needles. 
  6. Side-effects of acupuncture therapy are minimal and beneficial. You will experience a positive change within you that will help you overcome the problems sooner or later. 
  7. The acupuncturist will check and analyse your physical condition before they begin the treatment. They will follow a set of physical examinations like checking the pulse to know the tensions in the parts of the body. They will start the therapy only if they find you are physically fit. 

The acupuncture is all about techniques; one mistake during the session can make you suffer from several other health problems. So, we recommend associating with a trained, experienced, and certified naturopath for acupuncture therapy. Also, do not forget the 7 important points mentioned above. 

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