Types of Meditation

Meditation adds a sense of calm and balance to the mind and the body. It brings the whole body to a relaxed state of being.

There are many benefits of doing regular meditation. In this section, will highlight a few different types of meditation and practices one must follow that can improve your emotional well-being and overall health.

Types of meditation

If you wish to start meditating and calm your mind and body but do not know where to start, keep reading the post. There are different types of meditation and relaxation techniques that can help sharpen your focus and attention. Further, reduce stress and strengthens the immune system.

Take time from the busy schedules and demanding lives, and practice some of the different types of meditation for a relaxed state of being.

Guided meditation: This form of meditation is also referred to as guided imagery or visualization meditation. While practicing guided meditation, people think about images of places or situations that their body finds relaxing and adds joy to the face. It focuses on enhancing your feelings of relaxation, peace, and calmness using figures. You can use your senses like smell, sight, sound, or texture while practicing this technique. This type of meditation is often guided by a teacher.

Mantra meditation: As per this form of meditation, one needs to repeat a calming word, thought, or phrase silently. Chanting regularly will help prevent distracting thoughts and improve concentration levels.

Mindfulness meditation: Another type of meditation that works based on being mindful. It helps increase awareness within you and creates a connection with the present moment. By practicing mindfulness meditation, people often broaden their conscious awareness.

You start focusing more on the breath flow, thoughts, and emotions. Your mind allows you to accept the living and pass the thoughts without any judgment.

Qi gong: It is a traditional Chinese medicine with a combination of meditation, physical movement, and breathing exercises. Together this form of meditation enables the body to restore and maintain balance.

Tai chi: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition. It is a gentle form of Chinese martial arts that involves slow movements and breath. You need to perform self-paced series of postures or movements in a graceful manner while practicing deep breathing simultaneously.

Transcendental Meditation: It is one of the simplest and natural forms of meditation where the person silently repeats a mantra, i.e., a word, sound, or phrase as directed. It helps your body to settle in a profound rest state and relax your mind to achieve inner peace.

Yoga: In yoga, the perform needs to perform various postures and control breathing as directed by the practitioner. There are various exercises that help make your body more flexible and calm the mind. It improves balance and concentration levels.

Follow some of the above-listed types of meditation to calm your mind and body from the daily busy schedules. Get more tips on health and naturopathy by subscribing to our newsletter.


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