Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy

Today medical science has opened gates for a large number of natural treatments. Far infrared therapy is a type of safe natural treatment that involves the absorption of sun rays through the eyes and skin to treat a variety of injuries and illnesses. This therapy also helps in stimulating metabolism.

If you are dealing with problems like depression, fatigue, suppressed immune system function, or any other illness, it can be a cause of lack of sun exposure. Sun rays are in some ways beneficial for our health.

With the help of far infrared therapy, one can allow the waves of energy to penetrate the skin surface and elevate the body’s surface temperature, which further may help in activating all the body functions.

Traditional forms of heat therapy can be hazardous, however, practicing far infrared therapy can be advantageous for your overall wellness. Here are a few benefits of choosing a far-infrared therapy.

1) Helps in Improving the blood circulation and skin complexion

Expansion of capillaries results in the stimulation of increased blood flow, skin regeneration, circulation, and oxygen.

The therapy also helps promote healthy lung function

You can also enjoy clear skin by practicing far-infrared therapy. On activation of sebaceous glands, all the accumulated cosmetics in pores are removed from the skin. It results in clear skin.

2) Helps Strengthen the cardiovascular system

Another benefit of practicing far-infrared therapy is it helps strengthen your cardiovascular system. It is one of the best therapies for heart patients as it helps reduce diastolic blood pressure and increases cardiac output. It was concluded by research conducted in the early 1980s by NASA. The report further stated that far-infrared stimulates cardiovascular functions and is the best way to maintain heart health for astronauts during their long space flight.

It has also shown improvement in the healthy cells that line our blood vessels.

3) Improve detoxification

One of the best therapies for detoxification. It also helps with lymphatic cleansing.

A report was released by Japanese scientists that revealed on treating clogged capillary vessels with the FIR treatment the capillaries expand due to heat which further helps in the commencement of a process that dissolves hidden toxins.

This therapy is highly beneficial as it helps in eliminating fats, chemicals, and toxins from the blood including poisons (carcinogenic substances from food processing), lactic acid, free fatty acids, uric acid, and excess sodium associated with blood pressure.

The accumulation of these toxins blocks the blood circulation process and cellular energy is impaired. The removal process begins when an 8-10 micron Far-Infrared wave is applied to these molecules. The vibration in the water is a sign that the ions bonds of the atom are reducing responsible for holding water molecules. With more and more vibrations, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released.

4) Heals the Wound

Japan conducted another research and experiment to figure out FIR treatment’s effect on healing. From the report, it was concluded that FIR treatment results in rapid wound healing independent of change in the blood flow or skin temperature.

It stimulated a group of cells called fibroblasts that helped in the healing process. The fibroblasts are known to generate a large number of collagen good for tissue repair and wound healing.

The treatment also supports cell growth, DNA synthesis, and protein synthesis. All these play a key role in tissue repair and regeneration.

Another benefit of this treatment is it is great for healing burns, scar tissue, acne, and skin breakouts. Learn about other natural remedies for acne problems.

5) Relaxation and pain management

Far-infrared therapy helps reduce tension in the nerves and relaxes auto-neuro muscles. As a result, it helps the body make most of its intended healing abilities.

Also, by exercising the treatment the muscle fibers heat which results in the reduction of soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms. Further, swelling and inflammation reduction.

You can also reduce back, shoulder, and neck pains by relaxing muscles and getting relief from muscular aches. The treatment completely soothes all the tension and stress in both body and mind.

6) Immunity boosting

Boost your immune system with far-infrared therapy. It also helps strengthens immunity and increases the production of white blood cells via bone marrow and killer T-cells.

7) Cancer support

The FIR treatment is also known as hyperthermia across different countries and helps in the destruction of malignant cells that fails to survive if the temp reaches 107.6F/42C and above.

Most hospitals and thermal oncologists recommend practicing far-infrared therapy. Russia, Ukraine, Hungry, Turkey, Iran, India, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, etc., are a few countries that practice Hyperthermia.

There are many benefits of practicing far-infrared therapy. It involves the absorption of sun rays through the eyes and skin to treat the illness. If you are looking forward to practicing it for your illness, consult a naturopath to brief you on the pros and cons of it in detail. For much such information, feel free to subscribe to our newsletters.

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