Acupuncture Therapy for Headache

Headache is one of the common health problems suffered by many people daily. It is such an under-rated disease that people aren’t very serious about it. Emotional factors, such as stress, depression, or anxiety, play a vital role in enhancing the health condition. Whenever people experience pain, they take a pain relief tablet or apply the pain ointment if possible. And they forget when the pain goes away. Unaware that these minor headache problems can result from serious health issues.


Headache is not the same for all. It’s is of different types with different types of symptoms. Some are very serious, and some are easy to go with some medications. 


The Different Types of Headaches are:

  • Tension headaches
  • Migraine headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Post-traumatic headaches
  • Disease-related headaches (like sinus, blood pressure, and sleeping disorders)


Western medications or treatments after several tests are prevalent for treating headaches. In case the situation is severe, surgery is prescribed for treating headaches in some people. But sometimes, these medical treatments do not work as expected. Further, they may leave behind many consequences in the life of people suffering from headaches.


To avoid any consequences, you should prefer acupuncture therapy for headaches, both for acute and chronic conditions. Also, other natural treatments can be practiced at home if suffering from acute pain. Check out some of the natural home remedies for headaches, if needed. Rest for a long-term solution and a better treatment, we have penned down why people must go in for Acupuncture therapy over Western Medications.

Why Should you Choose Acupuncture Therapy over Western Medication?

As a traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture therapy for headaches is very different from conventional western medicines used for diagnosing and treating headaches. It recognizes the specific symptoms that are unique to each individual and tries to restore imbalances found in the body.


Acupuncture therapy is a form of naturopathy treatment that involves the exercise of thin needles to encourage the natural healing system of the body and stimulate the release of endorphins. Certain pressure points in our body have the power to stimulate relief in the body. With the practice of acupuncture therapy for headaches, naturopaths apply force on these pressure points in a certain way that helps:


  • release stress
  • ease pain
  • improve the overall health of the body
  • help in restoring the balance in the body


Acupuncture therapy is effective for all types of headaches discussed above. It reduces the number of headache days that a person suffers from in a year and reduces the amount of medication they need and days off from their work.


Most importantly, one must prefer acupuncture therapy for headaches over western medication because it is safe, gentle, and has virtually no side effects. Also, it prevents patients from experiencing a “rebound” headache.


The therapy is effective both in short and long-term headaches. If you want to learn more about this form of treatment and apply it to your condition, feel free to book online naturopathy counseling sessions. Our experts at Nature and Cure are connected with some of the experienced acupuncturists that will help ease your headache pain and deliver a lasting result in no time.

What will happen during the Acupuncture Therapy Session?

During acupuncture therapy for headaches, the acupuncturist will insert tiny needles in key points throughout your body along the legs, arms, and shoulders. You might experience a brief moment of discomfort as the needles will penetrate your skin. But, you will feel relaxed and may even fall asleep during the treatment once the needles are in place. Typically, the treatment lasts from 5 to 30 minutes. And the number and frequency depend on your condition.

What Affects Acupuncture Therapy for Headaches?

The treatment or the combination of treatments in acupuncture therapy depends on many factors. Some of the factors have been mentioned below:

  • Location of the pain, whether it’s behind your eyes or temples
  • Time of the pain, whether at night, morning, or after eating
  • The severity of the pain, whether it is a dull pain, throbbing with each heartbeat, or sharp and piercing

A Suggestion before Beginning any Acupuncture Therapy or Drug

Though acupuncture therapy for headaches is the safest option, you should consult your doctor before starting the process. You should make sure you are an ideal candidate for treatment and will not suffer from any other health-related issues. Also, it will not impact other treatments.

Further, before winding up the post, we want to highlight some of the main causes of chronic headaches and prevention that one must not avoid. If you are suffering from chronic daily headaches, it may be due to:

  • Inflammation or other health problems in relation with blood vessels near your brain, including stroke
  • Meningitis – a form of infections
  • Brain tumor
  • Any form of Traumatic brain injury

Prevention for Chronic Daily Headache

Avoid Factors that Trigger Headache: Keep a diary on pen down factors that triggers your headache, such as noise, stress, continuous working, caffeine, or anything else. Pen down each and every detail as you start feeling the pain so that you can easily talk to your doctor about the same and he can analyze your condition.

Do not Overuse Medication: Taking medicines to release pain or stress is common. But overusing medication can affect your health in different ways. Also, it may enhance the severity and frequency of your headaches. Consult your doctor before taking any pill. Also, you can practice alternate treatments for headache or migraine problems.

Try Getting Adequate Sleep: Sleep plays a vital role in the proper functioning of our bodies. An adequate amount of sleep helps your body repair and restore balance. Further keeping your mind fresh and active to perform daily chores.

Eat Healthy and Do not miss on your Meals: Healthy eating keeps you fit and strong. Avoid food or drinks that include caffeine, one of the factors that might trigger headaches. Also, maintain a healthy diet and keep a check on your weight. If you are an obese patient, focus on losing weight and following a naturopathy diet.

Regular Exercising: Involvement in physical activities can help improve your physical and mental health. Also, exercising daily helps reduce stress. Be it walking, swimming, or cycling introduce yourself to a new physical activity and practice to release stress and maintain health.

Work on Reducing your Stress Level: Stress is a common factor that affects our mental and physical health. Involve yourself in activities that help you release out your stress. Practice yoga or any other activity you feel happy about.

Reduce Use of Caffeine: In some people, caffeine plays a vital role in triggering headaches. It can be better if you check on factors responsible for the trigger and avoid caffeine.

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