9 Most Effective Energy Healing Techniques

Energy is a common God-gifted force present in all to survive. In today’s fast-paced life, energy healing is an old age technique that effectively reconditions the body as well as the soul by working on the flow of energy within. It works wonders on the physical as well as spiritual wellness and also helps in cure related to mental health.

Imbalances of energy flow in the body lead to health problems that can be tackled easily by working on it. Various health techniques work differently & boost your health and wellbeing. Thus along with the medicines prescribed by doctors, these energy healing techniques work wonders.

effective energy healing techniques

In this article, we have discussed some of the most practiced energy healing techniques & how they work:

1) Reiki

The term Reiki has been derived from 2 words Rei & Ki – ‘Rei’ signifies God’s wisdom and ‘Ki’ implies energy. Reiki is a Japanese form of healing technique that exercises the method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. This technique works on the principle of helping others to heal through palm or lots of hand movements technique by channelizing the flow of energy from the healer to the recipient.

Similar to yoga, Tai chi is a Chinese form of exercise that involves focused movements with deep breathing and is known to have positive effects on fitness, muscular strength and flexibility along with relieving pain and overcoming depression. Through these exercises work well for patients suffering from problems such as osteoarthritis knee pain, hypertension, and bone density. The technique follows coordination and relaxation to develop external and internal body strength, helping to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and anger.

Chakra refers to a spiritual energy center in the human body and is said to hold the ‘Prana’. The 7 chakras located in our body are connected to key endocrine glands. Chakra healing is one of the most dynamic methods of maintaining the energy level and creating good health.

Prana is the ultimate healing energy and keeps one fit, happy and bright. Pranic healing catalysis the self-healing capability spiritually, physically, emotionally as well as mentally and requires no physical touch. 

Reflexology is a healing technique that uses different amounts of pressure on feet, hands as well as ears to ease and relax the body organs connected to these parts. Also, known as ‘Zone theory’, this healing technique is based on the concept that our body has 10 zones and each body part is connected to different fingers and toes thus massaging the fingers and toes helps to relax the body parts.

Stones and crystals are said to play a vital role in drawing out the negative energy and cleansing the impurities from the human body. Though there is not much scientific evidence about this fact yet a variety of crystals and stones are known to attract different impurities and eliminate them.

Qigong too is quite similar to Tai chi and yoga. This form of energy healing technique involves exercises that promote building body balance and involve deep breathing. Qigong healing allows unrestricted free flow of energy, thus preventing blockage which is the route cause of illness. Qigong includes meditation, body posture, breathing techniques as well as guided imagery.

Acupuncture relates to piercing the sensitive strategic points that clear the meridians or routes in the human body and allow the free flow of energy. Though this energy healing technique appears painful yet it shows top class results and proves beneficial for patients suffering from chronic pain and digestive issues. Even depressed humans are benefitted.

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Ayurveda is often known as ‘Mother of all healing’, is the safest and most adapted energy healing technique in India as well as western countries. An unhealthy diet plan, rough weather, as well as a strained lifestyle and stressed relations, leads to disturbance which ends up with health issues. The simple kitchen spices play a significant role in getting rid of the three basic dosh’s (vatt, pitt and kaff) in the body. Thus, cleansing the entire body through food, lifestyle and herbal supplements. This healing technique is exceptionally good with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s as well as depression but should be practiced under the supervision of a trained person.

We hope the above-mentioned techniques have cleared the concept of energy healing and you will use the benefit of the same for your self-improvement and healthy well being. After reading the article, if you are planning for joining energy healing sessions, it is important that you research for the best energy healing center in your area and then associate with him/her for the desired result.

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