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Nature and Cure guide over the teachings about life. Its process along with the basic conditions required for a healthy life and well being. Nature Cure signifies how to regain health naturally without the use of medicines. It focuses on the exercise of natural elements to treat the root cause of illness and cure the disease. Has anyone of you ever thought what causes illness or disease? The disease generally occurs due to 

  • harmful microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses, entering our system,
  • due to injury,
  • any form of a chemical imbalance in the body,
  • exposure to toxins, and
  • generation of immature cells in our system.

The major cause of illness can be an unhealthy lifestyle, malnutrition, stress and more. Thus practicing natural treatments and remedies can help cure your disease.

Nature Cure works on the belief that each one of us is born healthy and strong. We can remain fit until death as per nature laws if we maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you violate natural laws, you have to face consequences such as

  • lowered vitality,
  • irregularities in the blood, and lymph,
  • accumulation of waste and toxins in the body.

A sound mind lives in a sound body. Thus,

  • fresh air and proper breathing,
  • pure water,
  • sunshine,
  • a balanced diet (containing natural and fresh food, also alkaline),
  • exercise,
  • suitable climate,
  • relaxation,
  • rest and sleep (essential for elimination of toxic waste and regeneration of the nervous system),
  • constructive thinking as well as the right mental approach,
  • along with prayer and meditation

are equally important.

Nature care is too vast a topic to make it acceptable. Thus, to explain it in a better and precise manner we have categorized the concept of Nature Cure into 3 heads:

  • Naturopathy
  • Healing
  • Yoga


Naturopathy or Naturopathic Medicine is a traditional medical form of treatment. It confirms the emendation of bodily disorders, their restoration. Its maintenance with the naturally available elements. The practice of naturopathy is based on the belief that the body encompasses an ability to heal itself through special vital energy or force guiding bodily processes internally.

The Naturopathic approach is to recognize the root cause of the ailment. Then treat it with the freely available natural elements. The particular modalities used by a naturopath doctor or physician vary with training and scope of practice. These may include

  • Herbals,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Colonic enemas,
  • Reflexology,
  • Rolfing,
  • Massage therapy,
  • Ozone therapy 

and many more involving a wide range of therapies. These therapies are classified based on exposure to natural elements such as sunshine, fresh air, heat or cold. Along with it, naturopathy also plays an important role in nutritional advice. Such as following a vegetarian and whole food diet, fasting, or debarring alcohol and sugar.

Thus, precisely we can say air; water, mud, and sun/Agni contribute to medication. Exercises, hydrotherapy, meditation, relaxation are stress management methods. Besides these therapy such as 

play distinct roles in treating a diseased person.

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The philosophy of healing is to restore health from an unbalanced, damaged or devitalized organism. In normal conditions, the injury repair is carried out by the body easily. But at the time of self- healing, some extra effort is required to discharge toxic waste material, and restore sanity. Nature and Cure distinguish disease in two forms such as acute and chronic diseases. Acute Disease develops suddenly and lasts a short time, caused by a virus or an infection. We can cure this form of the disease with normal repair or healing procedures. Chronic Disease lasts longer, often caused by unhealthy behaviors. With healthy eating, physical therapies, or complementary treatments such as acupuncture it is easy to lessen the impact of the illness.

In the case of acute diseases such as fever, body temperature may rise above 37.0⁰C. The heat of fever leads to increased metabolism. Thus, enabling the body to properly eliminate toxic waste and heal itself. The result of a healing process depends mainly on the person’s living conditions. Thus, one should ideally rest physically, physiologically, and mentally during this period. Natural therapies such as

are suggested. The support the self-healing powers by normalizing the body structure, the mind and the biochemistry.

NOTE: Although it may be rare, not all fevers are part of the healing procedure. Some are disease emergencies. So proper care and avoid negligence is important.

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The original context of Yoga was spiritual development practices. To prepare the body and mind to self examine and become aware of their nature. The purpose of yoga was to
• promote insight,
• awareness,
• self-regulation and
• higher cognizance
in the individual.

The term ‘Yoga‘ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yug‘ which means ‘to join’. It signifies the union of the individual soul (Jivatma) to the universal soul (Paramatma). Human evolution is physical, mental as well as spiritual. Yoga means attaining perfect health and achieving optimum functioning physically, mentally as well as spiritually through complete self-control. Regularity and punctuality are the master keys in practicing yoga. Light and loose-fit clothes to allow free movement of the limbs. An undisturbed and tension-free mind add to the magic of Yoga. It is a compilation of certain yogic kriyas, asanas, and pranayamas.

The practice of kriyas and asanas benefit by improving circulation as well as stimulating and energizing the endocrine glands of the body. They also boost immunity and help prevent and cure many common ailments. Physical/mental/emotional tensions get eased out too. Pranayama slows down the aging process. During the Pranayama session, the breathing rate slows down but the Oxygen intake increases due to deep breathing. Yoga Practice should be performed regularly to lessen any chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and more.

For, a quick and good result one must also adapt Satvik and balanced food which works wonders on health and help treat various diseases.

Some of the common physical and mental benefits of yoga are
• Increased flexibility,
• muscle strength,
• stress reduction,
• weight reduction,
• Cardio and circulatory health,
• improved sleeping problems.