Home Remedies

No matter what you have heard or experiemented earlier for relief we have listed some of the natural treatments and therapies that have been successful for past decades. You might not be aware of each and every drug and how it works but these natural ingredients have stamina to reduce stress, anxiety or any form of pain.

We have categorized every at-home remedy according to the disease pattern and structure. Check out your cause of illness and a relevant natural home remedy for cure.

If you are unsure of any ingredient and might have side effects, consult your doctor or pharmacist before trying any home remedy

Home Remedies for Eczema

Eczema is a health condition that causes inflamed, red, itchy patches on the skin. It is not contagious. Treating such…

7 months ago

Foods that Boost the Immune System

Bacteria, viruses, and toxins can frequently attack our system if we have a low immune system. Having a strong immune…

10 months ago

How do Naturopathic Doctors Treat Hypothyroidism?

The thyroid is one of the essential glands that lie in the front of the windpipe and has two side…

11 months ago

Home Remedies for Nausea

Nausea is a queasy sensation, often observed as an urge to throw up. Nausea generally happens with a feeling of…

1 year ago

Home Remedies for Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat or a waxy substance found in the blood. It is biosynthesized by all animal…

1 year ago

Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is the swelling up/inflammation of the lining of bronchial tubes (air passages) that carry air to and from the…

1 year ago

Home Remedies for Pimples

When sebaceous glands (oil glands) under the skin get blocked and infected, tender red lesions or bumps with pus show…

1 year ago

Home Remedies for Fever

Fever is a temporary phase when body temperature is higher than normal (usually 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit but may slightly vary…

1 year ago

Home Remedies for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a general condition related to the digestion process. Having three or more unusual loose, watery stools (bowel movements),…

1 year ago

Home Remedies For Dry Cough

Dry coughs (non-productive) are ticklish and due to irritation in the throat. They do not bring up phlegm or mucus…

1 year ago